FOTW January 22, 2022

– Core Field Rapid Variations:
– Unaccounted-For Source/Galactic Sheet:
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  • cjan137

    The financial disaster looms large on the horizon folks. Hold on to your butts. Todd got it right.

  • Timothy Mills

    Monkeys! Yesterday there was a truck that wrecked in PA that had a bunch of monkeys for lab us as cargo, several escaped, four if I recall correctly.

  • Kevin Benham

    Don’t forget COG, Continuity of Gov, because both sides support this whole heartedly and it’s all about control of the masses when the fertilizer hits the ventilator. Many government programs (like DAARPA) span across many many years and most of it’s not even up for discussion in public.

    • jtempleton

      How can all of you have missed this? It is going to get cold, right, and if that is true and Putin knows it, he needs access to fresh water ports to transport goods. He needs the Ukraine and it was just a matter of time.

      • Roos Kohn

        Good point!
        But the whole idea of war is also to blow of the crumbs let over of the covid scare.

  • Cosmicgoddess

    Let’s not deny global mass formation psychosis among the elite and many ordinary people. The geomagnetic field is going down and mental illness going up.. As demonstrated by bug out buying and building by the elites and governments, more people are aware of the impending catastrophe even if they don’t have the detailed SO perspective. Yes, there’s something huge looming! Breakdown of civilization, Cliff High is reporting on the civil unrest in Kazakstan. He says the next 18 months is critical for the world and the US. All cause mortality rate is up 40% over last year in the US according to an Indiana insurance CEO. That rate of acceleration is only seen in war times. Let’s beware of vaxidents, the criminally insane and our government. Be well everyone.

  • Michael

    The Real Zombie problem…We need to look each other in the eye and find the humanity… See it, reflect it, and radiate it. For quantum physics stipulations and other reasons, if you see it you have it. That’s going to be comforting in the future. This NWO is a mad pied piper driving a mob of madness off a cliff with a joker-like satisfaction. It’s clear that there is a divide and the separation is widening. The infrastructure is owned by those that are clearly “evil”. This is a spiritual battle. Surrender to Love and Divine Being…I know that sounds…Crazy… or surrender to one of these rotten systems where they tag you like cattle… Not really a hard choice, We just have to be willing to let go of everything that we think makes us…us. Sounds like a shit place to be, but really it’s a blessing. These idiots can be put down for good. Be safe everyone. 🙂

  • Houseboat Grandma

    So, Houseboat Grandma here and
    1. Thank you for the Discussion, your time and energy.
    2. I love you all a lot and appreciate you.
    3. My opinion is there is no logical explanation for what is transpiring or for what will transpire. Its the end of times, magnetic excursion, extension. You name it and its coming the weather is crazy, the humans are even crazier, times are chaotic Crazy. No Logical Explanation.. Prepare Sit back and watch the show. This is what you were made for.
    4. I wanted to here what Billy had to say. You asked him his opinion then cut him off, lol. Jeez. I love yall anyways.
    5. Rough seas ahead. Buckel up Prepare mind, body and soul. Get right with God. I will defend my property and husband and if you get in my way I Will Eat you. Lol.
    This Grandma packing and Knows how to use it.
    Prepare for All of the above formentioned and Plus Some. Times are a Changing.

    Lov yall
    Melanie 🌷

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload gentlemen.

  • sativarg

    Hi S0 community, Hello Human Unity…
    I am listening to lightening from this mornings news. “Monster Storm at the Sea of Galilee where Jesus Walked” I saw reverse lightening once. It was like lots of little streams coming together from the ground contributing to a river of electrons shooting up through a cloud and on to the ionosphere. I am not sure but the description of the multi strike fits this image in my mind… am I correct?

    Pragmatism as anti grace…
    My definition of Grace is an attribute of a being with the ability to do the greatest good while causing the very least harm.
    Now pragmatism is another sort of animal in my opinion… related but the inside out upside down cousin? Pragmatism is the gain of the most while doing the least… but a gain at what cost? gaining the most with the least effort seems great on the surface but I don’t envy those who have to clean the mess left in the wake of malignant pragmatism?

    my two cents spent… now on to this weeks FOTW…
    chuck 🔥💖🔥


    Ukraine has the only port Russia has access to. Kasikstan next to Ukraine is in a civil war over gas pricing they have the largest oil reserve in the world. Is Biden hoping to cover up or abscond with something…?

  • Spylegion

    For the Bubble to burst you need a trigger, war is a good one.

  • Roos Kohn

    Something bigger????
    That is the central topic you guys talk about every week. Micro Nova right. It’s a survival crisis. Covid co2 and the stock market are just smokescreen narratives

  • Gunslinger67

    Ammo is beginning to drop in price….buy some more and get back to practicing again.
    I think we are going to need it.

  • Roos Kohn

    You guy are the best.
    Something bigger????
    That is the central topic you guys talk about every week. Micro Nova right. It’s a survival crisis. Covid co2 and the stock market are just smokescreen narrative.

  • Ricky Neff

    Guy, the market was setup for this decline during the gold rush last year. IT IS STILL HIGHLY PROFITABLE.
    Playing CALLS = uptrend
    Playing PUTS = downtrend

    My friends at are still making A LOT OF MONEY

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d why Putin wants control over Ukraine? Biden’s failure in Afghanistan leaves him very vulnerable. He needs to control the countries between him and Afghanistan. ‘I understand that USA had to withdraw from Afghanistan, but, like this? It’s so humiliating.’ Dems may be aggravating tendency for Ukraine to resist, and sending weapons to accelerate it, because, last war in Ukraine, it was a baby pipeline, for those Dem officials who like infantophagia and pedophagia and other use of orphans. For those of us who don’t like that to happen, Putin is on our side. He does not like it either. The oil business interests of Hunter are all about connections to the baby-toddler-small child pipeline that his father’s political buddies enjoyed. That’s why DT got involved. DT could have stopped this. So, Ben’s timeline of white sun (white horse) – red sun (red horse) is getting on to the red horse it seems. They think it will be as big as WWII. For me, it looks more likely I can join my good friend Anne Frank o.b.m. No one can deny the resemblance. If I did not stop Jeff Epstein or the famous Ukrainian Marina whats-her-face from abominations, I am fair game for becoming a fuel brick. No matter that I did not know what was going on For some things, some say, ‘Unz nisht hab gevust’ is no defense. PRAY FOR PEACE. Can we postpone the Four Horses of the Apocalypse for another 218 years? Humanity needs time to grow, heal, and repent. Meanwhile, some in a Danish University say that the Bible is myth and there was never a reign of King David, in Jerusalem. However, archaeology since 2005 proves that indeed King David DID have a magnificent and world-powerful reign, as described in Samuel, Chronicles, and Kings. So, we can hope some type of peaceability will come from Israel and it is a participative event. We all have to pray and be as nice to oiur fellow human as we possibly can, while striving to keep those commandments for which we respectively are responsible according to the best, most accurate priority system. (For example, Sabbath laws are suspended in situations of risk of terminal harm to life. The Hebrew keyword for that is ‘pikuach nefesh’.) I still believe war can be evaded but will have to work it out minute to minute how that could possibly be. Thanks for a great podcast as usual. For authoritative, nearly constant, and timely newscasting, visit KLW World News if you do not already.

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