FOTW January 15, 2022

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  • Daniel Miller

    Morning Ben and S0 team,
    Since the chat page is down for reconstruction, I thought I’d post this here…
    Just a random thought about our local “bubble” described from Friday, 14-Jan’s morning news.
    Any thoughts on the Oort cloud being the cooled remnants (ejecta) of our previous micro-nova events?
    Maybe something to chew on?

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload Gentlemen. One only needs to look back at the holocaust and the measures used to depopulate and gain controls, remove the bullets of the war aspect with this never ending bioweapon and you will find all the same ploys/playbook back then being used in similar manners now. Kill off the old, kill off the young, kill off the unhealthy middle class, disrupt survival resources, collapse your economy, use blame and propaganda, keep people divided and confused, reward behaviors consistent with your demands, punish those who resist your views, disregard the laws, make/apply your own rules, use force/bribery to external nations/threats, separate/infiltrate communities, keep psychological well-being at an all time low… the list goes on and on. Their playbook is blatantly obvious.
    All the while Mother Universe ignores ALL humans (most of whom ignore back) and marches forward to victory.

  • sativarg

    Good Sunday morning S0 community, I am a day late and some twenty trillions of dollars short of finding all the answers… but or butt there is always another question?
    On pebbles in the river…
    Perhaps when some of us will and wish we happen to add that last straw or that one feather that tips the scale? For the most important things I would suggest seeking wisdom for placing the pebble in the stream. When Humans seek the higher perspective of the creator then perhaps we gain some degree of Grace and that grace allows the timing and placement of the least amount of force to achieve the greatest good? The right speck of dust placed with Grace can and does manage to meander whole time lines from time to time and from tragedies to miracles?
    … Just my thought for the moment…
    Unilateral evocations could cause ultimate chaos if we all managed to achieve omnipotence? I thank the creator for our limits if not for our ignorance.
    thanks for another conversation…
    chuck 🔥💖🔥

    • sean leech

      Thanks Sativarg for that wonderful analogy.

  • Isa Peacekeeper

    Between 44:00 – 45:00 into video Ben you made a brilliant point about the observations,
    by walking back – standing outside – the observation. Thank you for the warnings when all is cloaked, with your renaissance of the science. Thank you for being such good hearts🙏

  • Houseboat Grandma

    Thank you All for your thoughts on our sad current situation. I was able to retire early from my nursing position but my nursing friends who do not take the jab along with doctors and other staff will be fired when religious exemptions not accepted just like our military troops. The administration is replacing hospital staff with national guard military personnel claiming staffing Shortages due to covid.
    Florida is developing their own Civilian military who will only report to Florida’s Governor.
    I believe China is preparing for war.
    I believe we already at war with ccp, on American soil in our own government.
    Brace yourselves chit about to hit fan. Find free zones to block off and live off the land if Mother Nature Allows, gardening tough with weather conditions.
    Warrior Mode necessary, strength of Body, Mind and Soul. Enjoy time left. Stay closer to God use gifts intuition premonition telepathy heal self n others, from Louisiana bayou love yall Mel.

  • Ricky Neff

    Narcissist tendencies here are a little more complicated and strong.

  • sean leech

    Thanks Ben and S0 team for a wonderful discussion. Understandings and sentiments expressed were astonishing at times . I am almost in a trance with peace and that sweet micro sound in my head that occurs when something spoken resonates deeply.

    • Peacefrog

      Thank you
      Cheers to the Bubble

  • bumpkin

    These government and private enterprise NWO cretins are getting old, and feeling their age, and are TERRIFIED that all this planning for their New World Order will not be seen by them or by their kids. Which is why they are pushing their NWO intensely now. They are finally feeling their age. I find it fascinating that the Earth is self-cleaning, according to the events surrounding the Micronova, yay. And now, I am fascinated by the prospect that the Earth NEEDS a blast to avoid becoming Mars, in order to restart the ‘engine’ as it were, so that we can continue to dwell here upon this planet. It is so intertwined, so complicated, so magnificent, that its WAY too complicated to be brought about by mere happenstance; there IS indeed thought behind this process. In other words, there IS a GOD, which I am never in doubt of. Now, I just wish that the naysayers could see through their opened eyes the truth of that. It may make a difference in how humans treat others. Ben, again, I wish to remind you that anger wont solve a thing, and will only hurt the person carrying it around. To survive this upcoming Earth-change, we survivors must all be in fight-or-flight mode, and that is exceedingly hard on self and on our relationships. I can hear and feel your anger. While it is necessary to be in fight-or-flight, for WHEN the Earth-Changing events happen, dont waste that hormonal epinepherine/norepinepherine response upon the behaviors of others, because we absolutely CANNOT change a thing about their actions. They will do what they will do. WE are their money generators. Their survival and their progress toward THEIR goals entirely depends upon us generating the money for them to move forth. When we stop feeding the rats, they will disappear and go elsewhere. We all have to do it all at once, or it wont be effective. Ben, your beautiful wife can teach you how to let the anger go, in order for you to be able to avoid illness. (AND to raise Happy kids into happy adults. With much love and respect, from Grama Pei.

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