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    • John Mallary

      I dunno Cat
      They are assuming that a group of electrons must display an inverse relationship between the number of electrons and the collective energy exhibited.

      Seems to me there are reasons electrons vary in energy displayed, beyond their density. Magnetics for example, proximity of electric fields, the presence of ions and ionization, to name a few.
      Breaking that curve doesn’t mean dark matter is doing work there. IMO, the inability to isolate these particles from the external influences of the ionosphere and magnetosphere, invalidates the results.
      Kinda like the right angle laser collider dark matter detectors, operating in a vacuum. There are still molecules, atoms and particles in those miles long vacuum chambers, including the neutrinos that carry the beans.

      Ben’s pointing out the failures of the most ambitious efforts to find this stuff? That’s pretty hard to refute, especially by an unproven proxy.

      But hey, what do I know. I’m just a sponge…

  • Ricky Neff

    My ex’s family cleaned up Chernobyl.
    Interesting story. They fed the people alcohol to treat their radiation sickness and prevent it, stupid is as stupid does.

  • Ricky Neff

    “Genius stuff there, 10 points”

  • Ricky Neff

    I think Trevor sent me that email.
    I consider that as a form of electronic mail harassment and spam.
    Chargeable offense 😉

  • Donn

    | Off the wall, and into the middle of the room, I zoom ; Salutations All
    Fields… Whether we are talking of toast or lightning bolt, ultimately the query will turn to causation. Causation will likely require religious dogma, (unless like Sagan implied aliens land and enlighten us) there is certainly existence outside our limited visible spectrum.
    Chernobyl… Gobelitygook.
    GEC along with Flux Transfer aligned (I believe) with my question in chat this AM. I’d like to borrow some of Ben’s writ reading capabilities, barring that, will just have to give it a go myself. I’m thinking physical issues of shear strength or plasma medium are initial high hurdles.

    I liked the idea that our crust could be various forms of oxidization… Gonna float that around awhile.

    CMcD; That was a great article about DAMPE detections. I’ve heard you poke fun at Ben with the #IamHARPP title. If #UrHARPP , Can I be titled #WIMP? Hehe, figured I should ask.

    Ricky Neff; That’s horribly humorous (emphasis on horror) about vodka being the drug of choice for Russia… They were also ahead of the curve when it dealt with natural remedy. I remember reading decades ago, when I kept bees) about propolis being used to treat stomach ulcers (being both A/B and A/V), back when we were still telling our old stressed-out men to drink milk and eat toast. Salute!

    Thanks again FOTW Gang, for letting me hover around a bit. Time for me to buzz-off, Take Care Out There, and Be Nice to the People!

  • John Mallary

    Missing toaster.
    What if…

    Universal scale is not the pinnacle of fractal progression.

    Consider, you’re the size of an electron, chillin with the atoms making up the body of a firecracker.

    You cannot discern that you are part of a firecracker, nor can you see the other firecrackers in the pack.

    Jonny Quest comes along and lights the fuse.


    Do you even know your world exploded? Do you see a change in the behaviors of the atoms around you?

    Perhaps something akin to lightning bolts occur above the universal scale, effecting the universe, resonantly… via the sea of neutrino’s, resonant wave and longitudinal interconnections.
    If that ocean indeed forms the wave bearing medium I’m calling the aether? It’s present at all scales. Just not discernable. Yet remaining homogeneous to us at our scale… Hmmmmm.

    Or perhaps there was no big bang, the great expansion is an illusion and the universe is actually infinite in both expanse and time. Its behavior and phenomena, all attributable to the resonant structures inside sub atomic particles and their collective connectivity via dipole magnetics, and longitudinal resonant frequency and connection, as well as their physical manifestations at our scale?

    In considering what we’re “certain” we can see:
    We know neutrinos exist, are neutrally charged, and have mass, and for all intents, infinite in numbers.
    We know sub atomic particles can hold energy indefinitely.
    We know light travels in waves.
    We know gravity travels orders of magnitude faster than light.
    We know that charged particles in space behave, driven by electrons and the magnetic fields produced by moving electrons.
    We know nature always seeks balance, naturally simplifying interactions.

    It’s very likely that these neutrino particles are made up of neutrons in their most unenergized state, which in turn are made up of constrained protons and electrons.

    Why do we need these hypothetical and undetected forces. Higgs boson to super gravity…big bang, gravitational collapses… So far, virtually everything of substance or shape that I’ve encountered, can be explained when reverse engineering down to classical physics particle science, with the inclusion of sub orbital structures within all sub atomic particles, including neutrinos.

    Neutrinos, properly resonated, likely can expand into conventional matter. What causes that resonance, could exist a fractal above the universal… Or it could be from some known energetic perturbation, like the most extreme form of plasma discharge, a double layer collapse or supernova.

    The middle of the road between mainstream and alternative science, although a rational balancing point, doesn’t always balance. That’s because sometimes, one or the other is simply irrational and completely wrong… I guess until we figure out where neutrinos originated, well never know what came first.
    The chicken or the firecracker.

  • olduglycarl

    Ben…it was always my impression that the ether was the space between quantum particles. The space where wave exchanges actually take place, the place where questions are answered; (insight), whence the power of thoughts, questions or wishes is enough to transverse a kind of universal snaps.

    In the big picture, I too have questioned whether the cause of existence, that spark that begat the quantum process which facilitates the creation of living matter is still active and aware; but,.. one can observe that the quantum field, seems at times, to act in it’s proxy.
    After all, where do insights, insights one has no knowable right to have, come from?..certainly not one’s head and probable not solely from the mind, but perhaps, too the mind and decoded by the brain.

    If accurate, that truly is: “Spooky action at a distance”.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload, as always I appreciate the diverse topics.

  • Don Joseph

    I think its juvenile to be editing out swear words, we are all adults consenting to be here.
    Also Michael Horn is a bit over the top but the Billy Meier case has legitimacy throughout the years in prophecies coming true.
    The official website is , if anyone wants to dive down that rabbit hole. Be*Well

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