FOTW April 3, 2021

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  • Allenvaughan

    Ben, yes…it is time to accelerate preparations.
    And Adrian’s point about the NAZI model being replicated is chilling!


  • Allenvaughan

    Remember, Adolphus Hitler’s znd Earth Day are tge same days! Co-inc-a-dink? I think not.

  • HotRod

    I believe that it is Richat Structure.

    • Lonestar420

      thanks for the spelling

  • Dirt

    An exponential existential crisis. Listen, the Heritage Life Skills Conference is coming up at the end of May. I’m not going to list all the classes and workshops here, but if you’re prepping anywhere in or around the Western NC area, you owe it to yourself to take a look. Here’s the link: By the way, I’m not affiliated with anyone involved with this conference. I’m just putting it out here for educational purposes. If we’re cut off from society at large, we need to develop as many skills as possible.

  • Dirt

    I just want to follow up by saying that these classes and workshops are hands on. These aren’t going to be available online.

  • laurie

    I’m waiting for the underground passports to emerge….

  • whdemusz

    I was just listening to a local radio talk show and a man called in, said that he just quit working for one of the major world financial institutions.
    A couple of weeks ago his employer had a world wide meeting of certain people and he was one of them. They were told of tying in the covid vaccination
    cards with all financial records as requested by the government. The majority of people in the meeting shot down the idea and it didn’t go any further.
    So this mostly likely is the first attempt to completely control us, just glad it didn’t go anywhere. But give it time and who knows what the other players are

    • Houseboat Grandma

      Idk if you see this but let’s talk about lack of supplies, China has put a hold on us. No supplies. Lumber through the roof. Shortage in aluminum cans? They own everything Get what you can now.

  • John Mallary

    One drawback to living out here in the sticks is a pronounced lack of women.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload.

  • ElementOrange

    Our language is being manipulated to control our thoughts. I found this quote in a book I was reading recently:

    We changed the meanings of words to make people afraid of using them. And in doing so we taught them how to think without them ever realizing we had been reeducating them for a very long time

  • sativarg

    Dear Observers of Change,
    I am seeing some thing interesting in today’s news.
    … Is the standard model broken? Physicists cheer major muon result …
    RE: the particles that seem to appear and disappear out of vacuum
    One thing suspected to explain muon behavior or observed anomalies has to do with particles that seem to pop in and back out of vacuum…
    … from my perspective:
    When physicists observe emptiness they are finding some thing appearing and dis appearing like particles. This is a symptom of Earth’s dynamic motion through the Universe. As time passes Earth changes direction dynamically. Earth is orbiting her star who is orbiting in a galaxy that is moving in various ways through the Universe. All these motions are happening together to result in a vector or direction and speed of motion that is constantly changing. Due to the interaction of emptiness with the local energy of Earth certain moments of motion and speed result in symptoms of “stability” that are observable as what seem to be particles to the physicists.

    A fifteen meter “circular” track in Earth used to isolate sub atomic particles is in fact never circular; the track is dynamically changing as the absolute motion of Earth is changing. If the G2 factor is truly being observed dynamically then it can be used to accurately correct for the dynamic changes in the shape of the oval track. If, However, the observed G2 factor is not dynamically observed and accounted for then certain errors will seem to exist in the expected behavior of particles being observed. Changes in the absolute motion of the experiment must be accounted for if the experiment is to correctly resolve the nature of muons and certain other packets of energy or rather symptoms of discreet localized change.
    … just my opinion then
    thanks for reading and for the muon update

  • Vinny

    Texas has banned the covid pass

  • Dixie

    Playing catch up today, and pleased to hear you have already started to accelerate your preparations.Bravo. Go for it everyone. And thanks for being here. 🙏

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