FOTW April 17, 2021

– Negative Upward Lightning:
– Volcanoes and Climate:
– Sterile Neutrinos, Ultralight Bosons, The Massive Milky Way Disk:

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  • Cjan137

    I give cyber polygon a two middle finger salute gentlemen! *** NEVER ***

  • Allen Vaughan

    Remember in one of your videos, when you revealed the data showing where CO2 INCREASED during stadial periods –and these samples show an apparently obvious contradiction in the “climate change” hoax narrative? With what we are seeing in Greenland, now, with regard to the ice sheet melting due to volcanism below it, I guess the CO2 rise is proxy evidence that increased cosmic radiation (due to a severely-weakened magnetosphere) penetrating the crust and mantel is the cause for an increase in volcanism during those “iceball Earth” periods. And since cosmic radiation also is the source for cloud nucleation, it would make sense, then, that it, along with increased injections of stratospheric SO2 aerosols have a contributing effect of perpetuating an ice age, along with cloud nucleation AND the termination of oceanic currents feeding heat to northern latitudes. Stifled irradiance, cosmic radiation flooding and heat transport shutdowns–oh my. We are right there now.

  • Johnathan Jones

    Criminals try to hide their crime like Zuckerberg with his half billion dollars he spent fixing the election, and suddenly all social media and big tech is censoring everything related to their crimes, they personally committed,with a vengeance. We lost and they won when Trump did not roll out the army and National Guard to put down the insurrection by the revolutionaries during the summer attacks in our cities of 2020.In November the take over happened at the election and was completed as a uniparty coup on January 6. The formalization of the takeover was the muppet show mere formality on January 20. They have been pushing everyone to look at the Second Amendment and vaccines hard ever since as a distraction.

    They think they will control everything, yet they fail to realize the thing that they need to control the most is our population. If you look back at all our wars in history overcrowding goes hand-in-hand with War. Whenever Our population is an equilibrium to our resources, we don’t war. We live like where the Cleaver’s or the Jetsons in those times. But when the equilibrium is not met and there’s too many people and too few resources, mankind’s social situations and governments turn into dragons that devour us until equilibrium is returned.

    Actually they really didn’t win the war, it has just begun. Problem is, china and Russia know how weak the potato regime is that currently masquerades in America. Ukraine and Taiwan will be taken over within two months. The American crime family of woke dumb idiots will complain but that’s all they’re gonna do. They’re weak and they will let this happen. And pretty soon they’ll be coming for the criminal organization that currently runs this country. There weak (stupid, fat and lazy) and they better learn how to step up or all these other crime families in this world are going to take them over hard.

    I’ve talked to a lot of Democrats about actually fighting a conventional or nuclear war to stop the people that won’t stop until you stop them. They have no heart for it. We are in a world of trouble and the next few years are going to be very turbulent. Huge rough seas before we even start to see anything like sailable seas ahead.

  • Caroline5765

    Ben Lee is calling on you to come on air.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload gentlemen.

  • Riles

    Almost been hit by lightning. The warning sign is real and should give you just enough time to gtfo. Like hairs standing on end and a literal air pressure change in the ears. Stop when you feel it at all and back up. Never will forget that feeling.

  • 420MPH

    Years ago when hiking, nearing the summit of a local mtn peak I experienced an increasing electric field.
    My arm hairs were standing, my g-friends long hair was starting to separate and raise a little bit. It was a warm overcast day, slightly breezy.
    But there was no signs of thunder among any of the several other mtntops around us.
    A part of me really wanted to experience the earth/sky electric flux at the peak.
    We knew about terrifying stories being up above treeline during lightning. So we chose to play it safe and hike back down.
    There was never any thunder that day or for hours as we descended.
    Another time on that same mtnpeak I witnessed a ‘ladybug swarm’, they totally covered the rocks as dense as pomegranate fruit.
    It’s a special place, had some Sun linked inner earth outer cosmos entheogen fueled eternal timeless times there.
    Eyes open Mind open Heart open indeed!

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