September 7, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 69 (2018)

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  • Brelin261

    Since the theory of electronics is premised upon frequencies, I wonder what the specific components of Earth’s reactance are? It’s resistivity, capacitance and inductance combined equates to it’s specific resonance. And keeping in mind that is only for Earth, I wonder what the dynamics are for all the planets in our solar system? This model is specific to earth only – what other iterations exist for the remaining planet’s in our solar system?

  • RebeccasArt

    Much gratitude, listening/looking, taking in to get a grasp of this admittedly complex knowledge.

  • Caroline5765

    I need that chart, it would be very useful in many ways, just as it was here. Thank you for the upload.

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    This Deeper Look clarifies and amplifies my understanding of the recent Special Report. I hadn’t grasped the ‘bottleneck’ significance, and thanks to DL #69, that line of just three colors really shouts out for attention to it. Thank you for the break-down and the advance sharing of your work-in-progress for OTF 2019.

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