September 20, 2019

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  • JoMaHo

    Cool, i was just thinking about a comment that gamma rays are not seen from the sun and that was an avenue of literature i was going to look into. Thanks. For this quick refresh on the basics.

  • Joningham Farms

    Wow, this video should be a PSA to science journalists, well done, very concise.

    Have you ever considered a short series on HOW we detect each section of the spectrum?

    Given the amount of material covered that’s derived from those detection’s it could prove to be a valuable resource for providing a deeper grasp of nearly every topic covered. Understanding how we receive and process various frequencies not only furthers understanding the data derived from them, it provides valuable insight into where we are not looking, and into why certain mainstream disciplines have gotten caught up in a number of tropes over the last couple of decades with their fancy expensive non-sense detectors.

    Going forward I intend to start investigating just where our sensor gaps are in the spectrum, and just how much of the spectrum is filtered out as noise. I suspect what becomes data for studies is just a tiny fraction of the total spectrum. Ultimately I suspect there should be a handful of frequencies that may go a long ways towards furthering our understanding of plasma and structure in the universe, it’s certainly a great place to look for missing dust.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to find out we’ve had the signal of much of the dust all along, but it was filtered out as noise because it didn’t match what they expected from dark matter…?

  • Caroline5765

    Great upload Ben, thank you!

  • Deriv

    Those final composites appear to be recurrent novae, especially the last one. Definitely don’t want ours to be similar to the double-lobed nova, next to last… That one looks real nasty!

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