September 20, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 74 (2017)

Due to popular demand a public version of this video was released. For more, please continue reading below.

original manuscript link

The biggest benefit of the public release was a near-immediate survey of the opposition to our analysis of the paper. The comment section is full of angry people who think everyone is bought by big oil, and so you are likely to face the same problems when trying to discuss this with your friends. Here is a good article for them to confirm (if you are sharing links) and it is from a pro-climate game website. It will be imperative that you follow the directions I gave in the video because the facts are what you use to debunk every opposition to this paper; no speculation needed. These are THE scientists. The 97% is founded on THESE models. It’s a coup, a mutiny from within.

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  • Uncleharley

    So a .63c temp increase attributed to Human produced CO2. If that is the actual cause?
    This makes me wonder what the actual heat island of our metropolis’s play in the figures?
    Cart follows the horse! CO2 follows the heat!
    Thanks Ben!

  • Johnathan Jones

    The Earth receives far more heat from the Sun than it radiates off its surface. It has a heat activated Hydrothermodynamic cooling system. The phase or physical form change temperatures of the planetary refrigerant that is water keeps the global temperatures within the range of what life needs to exist. Expecting the planet to heat up by pouring vast amounts of CO2 and man-made refrigerant gases is like expecting a car engine to heat up and burn up when you pull it onto the freeway. The temperature gauge goes up a little and “pauses”. We know the cooling system is working as fast as needed. So I find both sides of the argument vastly incomplete and oversimplistic.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you Ben. Never ending C02 roller coaster retains center attraction in the Climate Change theme park. Ride criteria subject to change without notice.

  • kadam303

    Thank you. Getting the premium was the best investment:)

    I hope the internet will wofk long dnough hehe

  • Shawn Edward

    Can you provide the full paper?

  • Don Joseph

    Excellent words of wisdom to conclude this deeper look @ 3:05

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