September 17, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 72 (2018)

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  • GrantFarquhar

    Excellent video.

  • Isa

    Hi there, greetings from Spain. My son has a cerebral palsy. He is 16. He is quite sensitive to the solar storms. When the Kp is higher than 4 and especially if higher than 5 and sustained in time, he is probably getting migraines. And when the electron flux is crossing the dotted line, especially if it is also crossing the line above the dotted one and is doing it for several days on a row, he will in the end get a kind of small seizures.

    I need to know which is the reason why there is suddenly an increase in the electron flux. What is triggering that? I can understand the increase of the Kp, related to the coronal holes, but it is not occurring at the same time than the increase in the electron flux. So the big question for me now is: what is triggering the increase in the electron flux. Some ideas about it or where I can check??? It would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance

    Much love

  • Isa

    Sorry I have posted this here, I am new in the chat and from my phone I cannot see how this works yet…If this is not the place, please tell me where and how to post it in the appropriated one…Thanks…

    • John Mallary

      Look into ketosis as a seizure treatment. For your son, the changes in diet MAY nix the migraines and any seizures.
      Developed in 1924, this treatment effects many conditions.

      Geomagnetic storms and spaceweather may trigger such events but I doubt they cause them.
      All things arise from multiple causes and conditions… All things!

      I’ve seen this work more often than not. When it does, results are dramatic.
      Six weeks should be about when improvemet starts.

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    Cloud forcing is more complex than I had previously understood. This video adds more interesting and invisible elements to note and track as I survey the local sky daily. These charts are useful! The more I study the relationships, the more awesome the collective phenomena become. Ben, I include you with phenomena: awesome. Thank you.

  • Mglake8

    Are humans more vulnerable to the health effects of cosmic rays when in a area where a high pressure system resides?

  • Lavern


    Under Particle Nucleation, 2nd line: “because” should read “become”; 3rd line: Should Condensation be lower case ?


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