September 12, 2019


Summary: The foreground anomaly is… anomalous. It has no explanation. It makes more sense that it is not in fact as energetic as the galactic nucleus, but that it is a foreground feature. The heliosphere is a great candidate, especially of the connected filaments are not just a trick of perspective.

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  • davidwebster

    The spiritual aspect Ben makes the most sense of all. However it would not bold well with science oriented people.

    Basically, the galactic center is how galaxies connect to the source of the universe God, operating system what have you decided to refer to God as. Galaxies create other galaxies over time by matter creation using a quantum field type mechanics. Nebula creates Stars, Stars create planets and Planets create Moons that one day will expand into planets.

    I had a spiritual awaking Ben March 20th there about in 2016. I was given (downloaded?) a lot of information. This has continued over time, depending on what information I find. The more true information I discover the more I receive. I shocking thing is my ability since then to understand complicated science, covering all faucets but mostly regarding our solar system, humanity history and the like.

    I might sound like a crazy guy but I saw the truth upon awaking up. It literally shocked me into my awakening and who I am and who we all are. Each of us are spirit entities here having a human experience. Earth is one of many classrooms leading towards your galactic evolution you see. The good things in the world happening are intentional and we must advance fast.

    Probably be looking for a new home since our solar system is so out of whack balance wise. Thanks to you and Thunderbolts team for opening the eyes of the world what the universe really is made up of. As that is the essence of Akasha or God (Geometric Orderly Divinity real meaning >:^))

    We are pure energy poured into these vessels in order to experience a physicality like we have here. Without our bodies we cannot experience what we do here. This occurs slightly different throughout the universe and multiverse. The more loving and caring we are, the more positive and the less we hold onto technology over family and nature. The faster we advance, computers and technology is great. As long as people do not use it exclusively over love, family and nature. We should all expose ourselves to as much bare footed nature walking as much as possible.

    It is vital for our future and this is part of the message I have been given. Teach my family the truth and have my sister forgive God for her daughter and husband dying. If anyone needs help along the way helping my family heal and know the truth. I am to reach out and aid them best I can explaining all I can the best I can.

    I thought this is a great moment because all your video shows is the forces of God at work. Each planet, Galaxy, Moon, Star, are all living sentient beings living at a higher state of existence then us. We perceive them as we do because our construct here interprets them that way. Our bodies/vessels with all humanity together co create with, our consciousness. Once it is accepted/believed it is manifested, it is why we are controlled and lied to Ben.

    My family and I are looking forward to the cool weather of Colorado after living in Las Vegas for 27 years. Heading out end of October, I mention it because you sell some really cool sweatshirts, hoodies etc. Trying to support you and that wonderful family of you.

    I already bought your book on the Sun and enjoyed it a lot. You are one heck of a crusader man we are all grateful and appreciate you a lot! Peace, love and harmony!

  • Edward Rutland

    Goddam Ben your on a roll. Please don’t stop. This was so clear and again intuitively obvious when pointed out.

  • Joningham Farms

    Amazing image. My eye was actually first drawn to the large bubble below plane and to the right, with the narrow filament coming into it, disappearing, and coming back out the other side. The background “noise” in that quadrant shows some very intriguing patterning as well.

    I’m not sold on that being our own heliosphere in the image for a number of reasons. That filament would have to be travelling dead straight out from the center, for over 25k light years (a long ways even if you question the measurement methods), with nothing else on it. I also think we would have a hard time not noticing that intense of a source of synchrotron radiation that close to home. Also given that it is a radio telescope anything with a small enough dispersion measure to be that close would be filtered out as noise, radio telescopes don’t use a focal length in the same sense as optical, it’s about filtering the signal based on distance (hence why FRB’s have been missed in most data until recently).

    That said, it’s anomalous for a reason, and any answer is a good start. I lean towards a second pinch, where the galactic center is actually two constricted currents, each pinched into a nuclei, and the filament would be a persistent arc between the two. Unfortunately that has even more holes than it being heliospehre. Like why they haven’t exploded… Or why you don’t seem to see traces of their motion around each, or how they’d be stationary if that is the case.

    Anomalous and beautiful, I love it! Great work as always and thanks again!

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload. Well articulated Ben!

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