October 6, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 77 (2017)

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  • Caroline5765

    Having ample supplies for emergencies in a household is coming into its time. It is a bit overdue and while it has taken things such as the Gov’t and mostly extreme weather events to open eyes in most cases, it is finally creeping into family conversations and is no longer being looked at as a stupid idea. I am glad to see it, as it leads to less dependency and less strain on people, especially during emergencies. Not to mention it can help one sleep better at night and eases the unconscious mind. Nice deeper look, thank you.

  • vash

    Just DON’T allow your prepping to cause you any short term hardships.

  • Bo Shaffer

    60 years ago, my Gramma kept a pantry full of canned goods and homemade preserves…in the basement garage. It was for “a rainy day” as she put it. We’d call it “prepping” now.

  • Rob Payne

    Yep. And like you said, a lot of us 0bservers are heavily into preparedness and some of us even have our own YouTube channels where we talk about being prepared in different ways. Glad to see you mentioning this topic. Thanks!

  • Paula Geroux

    All well and good, but if the firestorm gives you only 15 minutes to get out before it consumes your entire home and farm, well, no amount of worldly goods can help when they are burnt to a crisp. I am a survivor of the Redwood Valley, CA October 9, 2017 fires. All my prep goods didn’t make it. 4000 degrees F, 80 mph gusting winds, fire from hell. Barely escaped with my family. Wonder why the “worst” natural disaster in CA history wasn’t covered by Suspicious Observers?

  • Ricky Neff

    Hardest part about prepping is, if the cars stop working, including your backup ATV, how do you evacuate enough supplies without causing injury??
    This has been the main reason why I have decided, only to prep fire sources, and lightweight gmo foods which can last for years if needed.
    I have also decided I won’t be dragging myself or family away from the suburbs. Mom is disabled and so am I. We won’t be going far before one of us has a seizure or heart attack.

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