October 30, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 85 (2017)

NASA videos were used in this episode.

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  • Caroline5765

    Mars remind me of an old planet that may have had all of the same things we do now eons ago, but has since become an uninhabitable old planet in the orbit. Our planet will probably wind up a dead planet and join those surrounding us while yet another planet will become the new ‘earth’ sustaining some form of life. Not sure why I think that way but I do. And anyone who seeks to leave this one for a potential off-earth life is in for a certain death. Elon can have his Mars life and the infinity space has to offer; something tells me he will wind up space dust. I’ll happily serve my term here. Thank you for the deeper look.

  • John Mallary

    Interesting that so many don’t get that the moon rotates 365 & 1/4 times a year.
    Or was it just me?

  • Gaia

    There’s a very good book called ‘The Value of the Moon’, by Paul D. Spudis. He makes a very good case for the Moon. Here’s a nice quote: The dirty little secret is that most politicians love human Mars missions not because they have any desire or interest in doing them but because it’s an excellent and proven way to keep the space community pacified by selecting a goal that is so far into the future that no one will be held accountable for its non-achievement…once America had a real space program that some thought was faked, and now we have a fake space program that many believe is real.’

    Elon won’t like that! 🙂

  • Ricky Neff

    Lol @ Ben in that last 5 seconds, yeah. Let’s send him there.

  • harmonywebster

    Before going anywhere someone must figure out shields. Every sci-fi story has them.
    Regarding power, which team is close to a fusion H3 reactor? Moon and Mars have large amounts of 232Th and humans have built fission reactors fueled with this. Molten salt reactors with chemical processing can be designed to produce 238Pu (it’s all gone, used up) for radiothermoelectric generators required for deep space probes and medical radioisotopes for diagnostics and therapies (reactors for these are old and have been shut down.) Something is needed now; not a fusion tech that has been 2 decades away for 5 decades now.

  • Westy

    LMAO @ lunar kickstarter, Maybe we can start a list of who else should go to mars! This could be a fun list! haha.

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