October 23, 2020

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    Lesson learned Hurrican Andrew…not much on the scale of todays hurricanes. The informations was so lax incoming out to south Florida …. as to where it laid…. no evac notice to the Keys… Florida city got an upgrade because it was totally destroyed…. Homestead lost the zoo the bird zoo and massive industry, including the Air Force base…. later we found out that they didn’t know what they would do if the highways were packed if everyone knew what was coming…. I was a first responder and it was chilling if not horrifying getting down to Homestead and Perrine and seeing massive I beams for highway signs twisted and pushed to the ground …. then we had no gps…. no street signs No Trees…. pitch black at night, armed military with live ammunition…. you talk about gut wrenching and shaken to the bone….. there was nothing…. and yet there was help on the way….. so you bounced between being stunned and hope and it was hard work to pull it together to dig in and get people righted.
    I learned that people are not use to disaster…. every time I see or hear of one no matter what it comes from…. Im glad I went through it… I know somewhat my reaction… I am trying to prep my family…. thats like herding cats… Thanks Ben….much regard.

    • Houseboat Grandma

      You don’t tell your kids anything doom and gloom. I wouid change their education to survival mode and make it a game.
      Live in the present and prepare for the future. I feel for your generation too many worries for sure.. So much uncertainty. I have kids your age I feel for yall.
      Live day to day in your bubble with your family and be grateful. We will go through this together. Love 💘 yall. Houseboat Grandma here ❤

  • Houseboat Grandma

    Live each and every day as if its your last. You never know, Heart attack, car accident, cancer who knows. Just be grateful for today I say. And know I love yall forever and always, together ❤.

    • LyonTheeves

      Great advice.

  • Peacefrog

    This episode is just another nice friendly nudge from SO – kinda like my oldest brother. Very Cool.

  • tonyio

    Each morning we hear what’s on your mind. Thank you for sharing what’s on your heart. 🙏

    • DWCHC

      This vid should make it to the YouTube channel…very good thought process to get going, to start creating the neuro-network in the brain and generating a bit of desensitization to the shock of it in the moment.. well presented

  • Fred Jones

    Thank you for your work Ben, another great post, have a good rest of your day

  • Bo Shaffer

    Personally, I like to be prepared for anything. But, you can’t go all out on any one direction….wasted energy.
    I have a “hole” prepared, gets better all the time.
    Plan B at this time is to be able to bug out if necessary……pretty prepared for that.
    Each of those plans has a PLan B, too….

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