October 22, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 82 (2017)

First, if you didn’t see the first two episodes of MINDWAR, here they are:

Turns out… we need to go back a bit further in time. Here is Episode 82:


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  • Loree Loveon

    Excellent! Herding… The BRAIN is nothing more than a CPU, input = output, the MIND is conscious, connected, collective. My mantra is, just download a new program. SOME are running 1.0, stuck, like a broken record. Large power lines run 66 cycles a second faster than our Schumann frequency causing cancer… and a diseased body. OmGod… My interest,fascination with water and recently living by the ocean for the first time, has clicked the wake up button again. It has restored balance. EZ. My first wake up 30 years ago was when I was by water. Computers, tv, phones… all disrupt our electromagnetic bodies. Restoring balance is key, daily, nightly, to be conscious of it 24/7. To put up a protective EM shield around yourself, healthy boundaries. Some people have walls up, some have nothing and are an open book. Anton Mesmer (mesmerize) used water and copper to treat his patients, they became mesmerized. My 2008 book I wrote is called, The Wave of Emotions, A Spiritual Journey Through Katrina. Earth, Air, Fire, Water – Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional. If you live by water, you need grounding, etc… all just need some balance to repel this mind control. People are so busy surviving they just exist, w/o living.

    My Uncle Dick was/is Dr. Richard Ireland, a famous psychic, he found MIA POW’s for the government, he also worked with J.B. Rhine on testing such things back in the day. I can’t handle conspiracy theory stuff anymore, it’s like food they give us to keep monkey brains busy and to fight amongst ourselves. Like fake news crap, while big oil overtook the rez, DAPL. Stupid news stories were the headlines, not anything worth hearing! He said, she said, HUGE and bigly blame game and pointing fingers, keeps everyone herded, busy and fighting. Great work, thank you guys!

  • EvolvingCreation

    Hi Ben, another great reading (deciphering), this one kinda just as close to home as the sun situation.

    If I didn’t believe in reincarnation (btw ~christian) I’d be on the pro-armagedon wagon. The sad part is that, per my whiskers, it’s been this way through recorded history.

    The christian (lc mine, at least) source of my reincarnation say also said that wars are inevitable (this was said in the 80’s-90’s) because two things:

    . not enough people are willing to give up their current way of life and attitudes as are necessary to ~promulgate positive change.
    . the ~momentum of the nation’s preparations through years, understood as a thing that must pass, and is beyond dismantling.

    Gotta go, cheers.

  • Rebecca Stuart

    Would love if this whole series was posted on FB, google+, etc, especially in light of JFK papers being released soon…synchronicityHappens:)

    • Chris

      Rebecca, that was my thought too…this is a powerful little series.

  • Andrew Foss

    Wow. I could watch at least one of these a day. Keep them coming!

  • Rufus kohn

    Hi everybody,

    That was quite a trip Ben, Mindwars in my humble opinion, can only be real when we believe in them and start to resist them. From a harmony point of view there simply can’t be any force greater than the harmonious tones where life is built upon. From chaos some bubbles pop up from time to time in the form of people/organizations that think they see the whole picture. In the land of the blind, one eye is King, goes the saying.

    Bringing humans to a wakend level does bring responsebillity to guide them on a good path on which the can lead a healthy long life of full of compassion knowing what is true. That is a lifelong commitment and so worthwhile.

    You bring that truthfulness on a daily basis and you are a great example. very time I watch space weather I see how big and small effect each others balance. And all the scary stories about blackholes, brown dwarfs and super astroids may or may not be true, all I need to focus on is waking people up and showing them the way.

    I have a lot of friends who pray daily to diminish bad forces. To them I say; What ever you fight against you make stronger, just focus on the good and on making better.

  • Calvin

    Ben, I encourage you to elucidate on this topic further & openly post it to the SO you tube channel. I believe it would be a great step forward in our credibility. It recognizes we’re fallible & open to critique/fact checking~Calvin

  • Guygrr

    I would just like to report that prayer works against such evil intrusions on personhood.

  • ToxikLogik

    If it is named Russian, then it is most likely CIA or some other random alphabet agency. I don’t think Russia cares enough to do this to random people that have zero significance. That would be our own doing this.
    You think only weak minds can be affected? Then you are the perfect candidate for this type of weapon. Just like hypnosis.
    Maybe then you won’t call people crazy. But I doubt it.

  • ToxikLogik

    Since when have the American taxpayers become the enemy of attack in psychological operations.
    Good to know who our enemy really is.

  • krippri

    om ah hum

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