October 14, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 80 (2018)

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  • RachelSara

    Thank you, Ben. Eye opening.

  • John Mallary

    Very sympathetic to all who have been flooded. Not much prepping possible for that! House on stilts maybe?
    Loss of goods and services, for most unprepared, isn’t survivable for long. The more densely populated a region, the less survivable!
    Thankfully, I think Billy will come out OK and will make changes. Others maybe not so much… Bottom line is, consider your survival to be your responsibility. It’s all about priorities during times of calm.
    I figured I’d rather buy land, build shelter, develop water, and retire at 49 with a true minimalist lifestyle for economit sustainability reasons, and for disaster survivability. So I made that choice.
    I wanted to be able to enjoy my remaining shadow of youthfulness, from 9 to 5, in the sun!
    Instead of paycheck to paycheck, under fluorescent lights.
    One benefit of off grid living, is that when the power goes off, you don’t notice.
    A good multi band radio and a cell phone. Both with their own little Solar chargers.

    A pressure canner and lots of jars.
    A water tank!
    A .22 or Gammo hunting pellet rifle.
    Fishing pole.
    Lamp oil.
    That’s pretty much all you need, if you have some land, and are set up in a good spot.
    We choose to live a convenient life in a convenient place. We grow to depend on things we cannot produce ourselves, relying on consistent sources over which we have no control.
    We choose to trust in that. It’s our choices that dictate our lives. Great choice, as long as times are good.
    Then complacency sets in.
    That’s also a choice.
    The consequences of that, are our own personal responsibility.
    Maybe for wells, an old school hand operated well pump would be good to have plumbed in. Most well pumps allow water to be drawn thru them.
    Finally, a chess set!
    Nina hardly ever beats me… Bwahahahaha!

    • Billy Rogers

      Good post Ithought you where oppenheimer ranch project till i scrolled up to see John thanks do you read foxfire whats the best reads or videos?

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    Thanks for this sobering report and questionings. Billy and his amazing family are in my daily intentions since Michael passed through. Intention experiments have demonstrated positive outcomes before. Anyone reading this let’s see and feel Billy’s family get power back surprisingly sooner than estimated. Thank you 0bservers.

  • Laura2fly

    Eye and mind opening…thank you

  • j conover

    We know. We had Isabel in 2003..we same as Billy and with 80K damage to house. Now we sail offshore with genset, watermaker, invertors, solar paks, HAM radio, Iridium Glow, meds/emergency meds and 6 months of food. Its a survival pod… Sailing in the Caribbean and helping in the 2017 hurricane damage areas..we know about what the situation looks like without doctors, food, water, homes…infrastructure totally gone. They knew the storm was coming BUT an island does not allow escape in some places. So sorry for Billy…its a wake up call…

  • Gaia

    I hope everything has gone back to normal for Billy. I may be pessimistic, but I think it’s almost impossible to prepare for a major disaster. We have become too dependent on technology. And perhaps a bit soft.

    Where I was brought up, we used to get really bad storms and often we’d be without electricity for several days. I loved it. We always had candles and lots of food in stock, and we also had fireplaces. Actually, my family was too poor to have central heating installed, and we didn’t have a car either. So we didn’t miss those creature comforts. When the storms came, we played our musical instruments, sat round the piano and sang. We were actually glad that there was no TV. But neighbours who had central heating used to come to our home during these storms to keep warm. I now live in a house that does have central heating, but it also has fireplaces. We’ve got enough wood to keep us going for about three years. And we have a good supply of tinned food, water, etc. Is it enough now??

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