November 26, 2019

Another video I did on this topic a few years ago:

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  • 1dhalgren1223

    Thanks Ben for eliminating my confusion!


    Thanks guys, very appreciated Ben.

  • neilwilkes

    I cannot play this video – it gets terminally stuck at 01.38 in, even with the default settings to Auto & a 72Mbps download speed (checked with SpeedTest from BT).
    This is becoming more & more common for me with Deeper Look, and with Deeper Look alone and I have no idea why this should be as nowhere else do I get these issues.
    It has – eventually – restarted, but stops/starts all over the place no matter what I set it to.

  • MPrejean

    Thank you Ben, I really enjoyed this and had no problem getting it. Bravo, well done.

  • Mtn Wanderer

    So far, in a;ll of the field and forcing videos, I see a key element missing. The only person I’ve seen mention it is Piers Corbyn, but most people will not ask him further questions on the topic because they either don’t understand it or don’t see the importance.

    I’ll call it the “transformer effect”. Following the electric universe theory, you can understand why the earth magnetic field is affected by the sun’s field.

    Think of the sun as the primary winding and the earth as a secondary winding. When the sun’s strength increases, it will do what you’ve mentioned in videos. Increase the current flow and the magnetic field on the earth. The one thing NOT discussed is the heating effect of inducing a current flow in a ferromagnetic material and it’s surroundings. The heating affect varies with the strength of the primary.

    This in truth, would be a difficult property to measure, but it would have an amplification effect on the irradiance forcing and particle forcing.

    There are many other factors in the influence of this phenomena that deal with thermodynamics, heat transfer k factors through materials, relative area and volume, and feedback mechanisms. But here is the catch. it would be extremely difficult to separate the surface warming from such an effect from heating of the surface caused by atmospheric warming, and atmospheric solar forcing factors.

    Following that idea, increased solar activity would result in subsurface heating, and decreased activity would result in subsurface cooling. This would amplify the other effects of solar forcing.

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