November 22, 2020

These stories were covered in the November 21, 2020 morning S0 News

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  • Bo Shaffer

    You *think* the last one was bad….might not hold a candle to the coming one.
    Last one didn’t even wipe out the fragile humans.
    This could be a 90% event…or ELE if you would.

    • neilwilkes

      I guess we will find out within the next 30 years at the most.
      This Solar Cycle could get scary, but it is the next one that will be the one to really prepare for as by 2050 we will be under 50% of historical field strength…..we are already at the point now where Coronal Hole stream impacts can trigger geomagnetic storms and a twofer (CME impact on top of a CHS) would trigger serious consequences for the Sun-facing side.
      On the bright (flippant?) side, it’s gonna be a hell of a show!!


    That’s exactly why I’ve dumped twitter and parlor is next…. I could see it sense it… the old give em what they want….

  • Caroline5765

    I always appreciate these deeper looks..

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