November 16, 2020

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  • rdlongview

    I would suggest that more likely, it seems to me, is that they are not solely blasts outward, but both directions at both ends. Like we know the polar currents do on earth, shown by the Auroras, and the Sun, these blast looking events may be the same. Its just whatever is there (ionic dust polarized both positive and negative – plasma) glows with the currents energy, and it’s our first impression from looking at it that seems to be blasting outward.

  • Lonestar420

    Outstanding, you guys and gals never disappoint on any level, thank you so much for being relatable purveyor of what you truly believe and the others from this channel. phenomenal, and I’m sure you are correct, I never understand the first few times through, repetition for me and you not being a nerdy douche is key. its such an experience and pleasure for me. I never understood the ways it has been presented to me in the past, I really enjoy actual science and I now I can grasp it, I mean the gist. Thank you for these and many other qualities not mentioned, you truly an outlier.


  • Monka

    Wouldn’t we see multiple iterations of structures from the core that are 90 degrees offset? After all we are talking about “recurrent”.

    I subscribe to the repetition of flip existing, but only where both of these internal structures continue to spin at their near equatorial location. Modified only by the minor differences of mantle mass distribution. So current location flips to one where the new equator is found by rotating the globe so Africa aligns about 90 degrees rotated with the equator running along the Nile to Finland through Alaska and directly over Tahiti etc.

    I would be mildly interested in any significance the Pyramids and Sphinx would represent if they were on the equator and at that axis.

    • Michael Durfee

      The symmetry in the plumes radiating out from the center and the straight direction of the striations out from them are the same in length and consistency suggests at least to me that it was formed from one event. Potentially a fragment or two, maybe near the lower left portion might have previous or multiple discharges.

  • Nathan

    Is there any reason why the internal plumes can’t be remanence of the internal explosion jets after a previous event? although not on the nth sth poles, they seem to run almost perfectly inline with each other from the centre. Could these be the path of a previous over charging and discharging event?

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