November 15, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 89 (2017)

This video merely takes a peak at long term temperature data – as a supplement to the FOTW discussion from last weekend.

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  • Linefeed

    Brilliant! Simple and to the point.

  • John Mallary

    The Millon Year chart would make a nice sine wave…
    How does that mesh with the space cloud theory?
    I suppose that environment might effect the nature of the galactic Birkeland current we are riding along, X via the Lorentz force…but it seems the VLF pulses dominate, as induced cloud particles may enhance our system’s response.
    Tough hypothesis to test eh?

  • Caroline5765

    Never a dull deeper look…. really cool, pun intended.

  • ToxikLogik

    @ 1:19 the graph indicates that near the end is not natural. Or about the last 250-350 years. Assuming the graph is correct.

  • David Droescher

    Were did the pattern come from.
    Theorem is
    evenly spaced beeds on a rope /stars on a Berkland current. If the Burkland Curent was suddenly shut down ,then this could cause the stars on it to Super Nova the void would be spaced prity even say 100,000 years.
    2 if so ,then the far side is the last interglacial period before the crow becomes the Raven

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