November 13, 2019







2020 is only 6 weeks away, and we’ll be needing EVERYONE’s help! If you want to be included in 2020 please send a “Direct2S0” message – click the Direct2S0 button in the menu.




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  • Jason Gamble

    I think a project researcher would be a good fit for me. I enjoy researching and learning about different topics and I tend to question everything I hear anyway.

    • Gaia

      I’m pretty busy at the moment, but I would love to do some research for the project, if it’s something I can cope with. I already do a lot of research for my job. I’ve been learning a lot about the Sun thanks to SO, and other sources. Would love to know more about it.

  • ElectricDragon

    Very interested, but there is not enough time in my life to dedicate for the cause. Brilliant idea though. Peace.

  • phwilliam

    I would love to help. I have a biological and physical science background, researched and wrote my MS Thesis, and am a retired HS and college educator. My only issue is not being able to devote 100% of my time to the research, but SO topics are new to me and intriguing . As part of a team, I am willing to research specific topic(s) and report back to a manager. I don’t want to let you down. Please consider that the upcoming holidays will interfere for a few days.

    • S0

      This would not take all your time. It would take a few hours for a couple days – this test phase will ease in.

  • XaviarThunders

    Initial thoughts: mind over matter (I am HAARP) with the emphasis on tying in our body’s EMF and its impact on our internal and external surroundings.


    Love to assist in researching. Retired, Not so good with word processing & excel. Could learn perhaps. Let me know if I can help.


  • Joningham Farms

    I would love to participate, a couple hours of research daily is pretty much ritual for me anyways. I have no real special qualifications. I majored in anthropology, followed by electrical engineering, went broke before graduating though. I am a very thorough and obsessive researcher though, with a life-long interest in pretty much every topic covered here. I’m very familiar with word processing and spreadsheet software, and would be willing to organize or research, though I admit I’m always happiest researching. I do have a few obligations over the holidays, but it sounds like the time needed won’t be too great starting out.

  • Elise

    I would be happy to help – not a big chunk of time 5 hours a week maybe – and I don’t think I want to be a manager – but I so want to help you and Kat and our wonderful community that has given back to me more than you could know.

    Elise/SB Bird

  • Michael Durfee

    I got a full time job, but I’m down to help anyway I can when I get home. Information regarding the test project sounds to me like a worthwhile endeavor. Any info on what a “project researcher” would do during expansion would be greatly appreciated. Keep me in the loop on the topics being research. Maybe I can time snap some found footage. Just updated my email in my profile. Its true as you say, there are only so many hours in the day.

  • James Plummer

    I might be able to do some research, a few hours a week.
    Side note, I have a project that I would like to start next summer. Years ago
    When I lived in Astoria OR, I discovered 4 possible debris fields that I believe were from the last time the Cascadia fault line cut loose and sent a wave ashore. I’d like to try and find them again and document their location and altitude. After that I would like to search for other debris fields along the coast and do the same. I believe that the results could be eye opening.

  • SwiftyUK

    Hi, I would love to help. I’m from a Biochemistry background and with a huge hobby in motion graphics/video editing and believe I could be useful to the community- happy to do anything to help. I have most afternoons free for research, etc.

    I’m a competent user in the following software: Word/Excel, Adobe After Effects, Maya 3D, 3D Coat, Affinity Designer/Photo, World Creator, Premiere Pro & DaVinci Resolve
    My Husband is a Dev Ops Snr Mgr with programming skills in C# & python.

    UK based

  • Sofaithfulguy

    One skill needed usually forgotten; Red Pen/Blue pen. Red delete blue comments used in design reviews. Need someone with detail conscious ability to correct grammer typos and such. I see sooooo many papers with run ons. Typos can be awful. Sic. Also suggest that skilled users of Excel and other programs have a Board to post helpful tips to users. IE concatenating columns, hot links etc. This would save Observers time and improve skills too. Win win.

  • SwiftyUK

    For real-time collaboration, can I suggest Slack – free to use

  • sobekosmon

    May be interested (need more details on your vision/approach) in facilitating a small, vertically-sliced (i.e. theory from first principles, engineering math, and practical implementation) topic connecting Tesla, Steinmetz and Sankhya focused on Superconductivity through resonance (see , Appendix II, specifically para 425-427. “Circuits of Zero Impedance” and para # 66-67).


    Project Research Bro, great idea. Carlos from Costa Rica/

  • McMagnet

    I would be happy to devote some of my time to this.

    My skillset is mostly based around databases and programming:
    Data manipulation and processing
    Database design and performance tuning

    Primary programming languages;
    C#, T-SQL

    I have no formal training or qualifications in any of the sciences but work as a Database administrator for the top company in its industry in the country I live in. On a daily basis I work with servers hosting terrabytes of transactional data serving websites, reports and other stuff. It is not uncommong for me to be working with a piece of code thousands of lines long processes gigabytes of data within a few seconds or minutes.

    Exactly what role I would fit best or how my skills could be applied I am not sure but if your using and manipulating big (or even small!) datasets I can probably add value. Whether thats writing a program to parse and process a CSV file too big to open in excel or simply find the data where the values meets a condition or something I can do that no problem.
    I’ve not played around with any of the scientific datasets and have primarily worked with business data but so long as someone can define the logic for manipulating or parsing data I can probably figure out the code.

    I am also fairly skilled at automating repetitive tasks with code and have experience with APIs and pulling data from remote sources. I’ve done bits and pieces with embedding compiled code into excel spreadsheets aswell.

    Appreciate I might not fit exactly into a defined role but I’d be happy to provide help even if that was only writing a few bits of code here and there to support the proper scientists analysing and working with data.

  • Jeff

    Count me in, Ben, at the researcher level. I’m in my 20th year working on JWST and am expecting follow-on work on WFIRST as I’m about to enter my eighth decade. It would be a real thrill to be party to giving both spacecraft targets that help confirm the electromagnetic/plasma universe concept.

    • S0

      Jeff… did we meet in WVA?

  • Dirt

    Hey Ben, I would be a good project researcher. I have a BS in biology and had some graduate level coursework under my belt before discontinuing formal education. Currently I have a small permaculture urban farm and attend several conferences per year as well as read peer-reviewed research regularly to continue my education.

  • Jose Silveira

    Ben, I’d love to help, but I have no idea of what is required or whether I’m competent for the job. My background is in electronics and public switched telephone networks (now replaced with VOIP), and I have a very broad range of interests, from cooking to physics (that anyone can see from my liked videos). I’m retired, so a part of my spare time is mostly what I got to offer.

  • braindeaddoug

    hello this is doug .. 66 years old .. I read and re publish your material every day …
    I live in Wisconsin … i am also a vary active ham radio operator … and have 2 discussion
    groups on 75 meters .. and we are using your info for connection to .. radio propagation planet wide .. thank you so much
    for your research … please include me in this project if possible … Kc9vxz is my fcc call/lic.

  • Linefeed

    Test Project suggestion: What happened to Epstein? πŸ˜‰

  • Vinny

    Sign me up. Doing research is fine. If you need me to do something else – just let me know. As leading and following require the same exact skills. I am here to serve the community. Vinny.

  • brispence

    I am game and can help with research, I am able to dedicate a few hours a day and would love to be involved in something larger then myself.

  • Ametrine Moonshadow

    I have not done nor participated in a research project like this before, but I am will to give it a try. Looking at the qualifications of the people above, I am not sure if I can really bring much to the table. I don’t read peer reviewed papers in my spare time, but I did teach myself Herbalism and how to make soap and lotions from scratch. I have been a Pagan for over 25 years and taught myself that, too. The occult research will be right up my tree lined alley.
    Having said that, it’s probably obvious that I am looking to be a Researcher and not a Manager!

    • Dirt

      We have a few things in common! I’m also a pagan herbalist!

    • S0

      You are going to be great when we expand the topics πŸ™‚ Be ready

  • michael.dick

    Ben, I’m in.

    I am an avid writer, I blog all the time. I have been looking for an opportunity such as this to get into technical writing and research. I have plenty of time, I am a traveling pet sitter (thus the blog) and so I could really put some time into this. I have also been looking for a way to become more involved with the 0bserver community. You have my email, hit me up and we can get the ball rolling. I have plenty of experience, the rare flower of common sense, etc.

    • S0

      I will definitely need writing help in the 2020 expanded period. Be ready πŸ™‚

  • Joeleosis

    Definitely interested in being researcher and possibly doubling-up as a project manager if you’re short on people. I’m a self-employed audio engineer with my own gear and a lot of insight from doing sound for various conferences. (Also happy to assist with any audio-related duties for the cause)

  • VisitingProf

    Hello Ben and Observers, It is both very refreshing and also interesting to read many of these posts and thereby learn a little about some of the other observers out here. You can please include my name as a possible research collaborator and I will do what I can. It was 1986 when I last spent any significant amount of time working with spreadsheet programs, so although I am not up to date on current versions, I understand the general concepts and potential uses thereof. Beyond that, my areas of interests are Biological and Theoretical applications of this sort of research.

  • kilohoku

    I am interested in helping with the research needs. I work full time designing and selling security systems, I have been involved in building video surveillance and access systems for the past 30 years…building big brother sort of. I am an active member and officer in a large local astronomical outreach organization with a unique learning center in Eastern Iowa every year for the past 7 years I enjoy giving a public facing day time presentation about our sun and the solar cycle lots of research and follow up effort on my own time to develop a full presentation often including materials I pick up from your links. I am fluent in the typical MS office suite of applications, word, excel, power point, and the family of Adobe products for editing imagery and video content. Happy to participate in any way I can.

    • S0

      When we expand in 2020 be ready to offer up some suggestions πŸ™‚ brainstorming and research both seem to be possibilities for you.