May 6, 2020

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  • Militia Anygrrl

    Don’t fret too much, there are those of us that still have common sense. We are preparing mentally through education while also planning and practicing for a world after the micronova. I plan to be on Mulberry Ridge in WV. Hope the elevation is high enough, gonna build a boat just in case. I thank you for all you have put out, for free, in hopes of changing the disaster that is modern Astrophysics. I feel like your catastrophy cycle movies have saved my life, and keep up the good work. 4 years ago I didn’t understand anything about the universe, now I can explain to my friends, when they have seen some of that bad info from wherever, what is incorrect and what we do know, ect, and they hate me for it, but it’s all good. Lols. Anyway, thank you.

  • soladave

    I appreciate your candor and energy you put into this website. I’ve been hoodwinked by websites feeding me information I wanted to be true but in the end turned out to be speculation, opinions, and in some cases outright lies. I’m 72 years of age and you would think I would know better; but, alas, I still like a good story even if it is fictional.
    Recently, I have been trying to make better distinctions between what are verifiable observations (what is) and what are personal opinions of those observation guided by a person’s theology. (Note: everyone has a theology [theory of everything] whether it is Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Skepticism, Agnosticism, or Atheism and everyone parses their theology through a further grid of personal assumptions and qualifiers.)
    Thank you for putting in the time and doing the hard lifting to determine what observations will support and what observations will not support a theory.

  • petercsere

    Wisdom for the ages! I hear you loud and clear.

    I too am intrigued by what’s going on with our good friend Bill. He’s making everything so obvious, putting it all out there! Kind of strange… Patent 666? Mark of the beast? Why not just do a Reddit AMA explaining why he’s the antichrist…

    Is it really to be transparent with their plans? Or is he the fall boy, bait as you say…

    Time will tell, but why wait for time to tell us when we can figure it out with the clues being left lying around by cocky elites who have forgotten they aren’t invincible.

  • Michael Durfee

    Scrutiny is a tricky thing indeed. Scrutiny according to is a searching examination or investigation; minute inquiry. Or surveillance; close and continuous watching or guarding. Ranging from a quick fact check, to a lengthy inquiry. Scrutiny is required to ensure accuracy of information. It is tedious (if done correctly) especially when applied to another’s ideas. It is aggravating when abundantly obvious none is taken. The use of the word infinity has few applications however the number of ways in which an individual can blow an insignificant situation out of proportion or scrutinize a (insert idea, government party, or business here) is truly an infinity. Assuming the individual can make the conscious decision or action to avoid it.

    Why? Well don’t ask me I’m not a mind reader! Sheesh. Just kidding; it depends! But it’s my personal opinion that more often than not they want something to distract them from whatever mundane thing is bothering them in their life. To have something to do. To have something to say. To be able to say after all their hard investigating and documenting, “See it happened!” Or, “It didn’t happen!” Well then what? They need something to blame, something to want, something to happen in their reality that they can act with or against based upon their worldview. Two people can look at the same data, its accurate data, it’s valid data, yet the conclusions that are drawn can be completely diametrically opposed based upon the scientist’s worldview. But, people are weird too. We can’t really say for sure; perhaps they just want a cool concept to play around with. However, you take it to the next level when you apply it to physical reality. In blogs? Not so drastic. Social media? Not so drastic; but now your persona is slowly being integrated with the thought process of your assertions. Patents? This brings it out of the realm of hypothetical and into tangible reality. And apparently we either live in a world with no coincidences, or someone at the patent office has a dark sense of humor.

    A distinction needs to be made though. What is the rationale behind the scrutiny? Is just to validate something? If that’s the case then on to the next investigation. Material means like financial gain? Sure, I can see that. It should be for ethical or justified means though. Is it to prove something false? This is where that tricky thing comes in I mentioned earlier. What if someone proves something false? That means something is removed and something new is put in its place. Its a new idea. Keep in mind though there is an ego behind this scrutiny, and with it a bias. People think they need money, but in reality people need benefits. You see money can go away, but benefits stay around as long as you’re on the receiving end. The addiction to benefits is greater than the addiction to substances. It’s extremely hard to break a drug addiction however, it is breakable. It is not breakable the addiction to benefits. Once it starts no one is willing to give it up. Because they don’t even think they’re addicted. A heroin addict knows they’re addicted. A benefit addict thinks they’re entitled.

    Yes, people should team up. There are some extremely effective benefits that manifest when working in a group. But what is the other option? It is my contention to think for yourself. Not just pander to the collective’s superficial and material wants. Go against that and you can be damned sure the word “conspiracy” is comin’ at you bro. But I think Ben’s said it well at the end of Plasma Cosmology that you need to suspicious under claims of certainty. And whatever collective you’re thinking of right now, you can also be damned sure that they’re 100% certain. But it’s the scrutiny process that removes you from that collective and better ensures the ability to think for yourself. Or as T.S Elliot once said, “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time.”

  • CommonCents

    There is too much reliance today on “source credibility” instead of unbiased observation, logical thinking, and the scientific method. Case in point is Big Tech that will censor those who go against mainstream sources such as Dr. Fauci. Leonardo da Vinci said it well when he observed, “Anyone who conducts an argument by appealing to authority is not using his intelligence; he is just using his memory.”

  • sgj

    I’ve been meaning to say something for awhile. The Fly on the Wall discussions are always fun and interesting, but at what cost? Sometimes I believe these discussions are hurting your credibility. When the group lapses into speculation and what sometimes seem as tongue-in-cheek what-if discussions, I fear that it just makes the entire SO community look unprofessional; not serios. Food for thought.

  • Bigpicguy

    Anyone that looks at the moon more than once a night should be able to tell what’s going on. It’s not rocket science but it does take a real observer to notice. Look for yourself & don’t take anyone’s word. If you can navigate with the stars, you probably already know… apparently anyone who can on YouTube will be blocked as I am sure this will be.

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