May 5, 2019

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  • Laura2fly

    Amazing amount of help here!!

  • Donn

    You’re a dedicated man Ben. Excelent information, with commitment to the above and beyond. Thank you and good fortune.

  • avril luvscats

    My daughters are both grown. One is a vet nurse. One is a graphic artist.
    But your school system fascinates me. We have been inundated with the American culture. I always wanted to live there and go to college…

    Sorry for wasting your time.

  • michael.dick

    Dude, this is badass.

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    This is also a great summary and reference for evaluating articles and research premises authored by professors, researchers and graduates from these named universities. There’s a high-level of intellectual capital in this video!

  • jcdoss

    I’m sure you will receive many requests for recommendations for smaller states or states that aren’t on your list. Would you mind posting a laundry list of “best in state” as that list arises? It might be cool for people like me too old but possibly interested in keeping an eye open for seminars, public programs, courses for audit, etc…

  • Archegos

    I didn’t finish college, I ended up just working but I never stop searching for my inspirations. Roughly 2 years after dropping out I found the plasma universe.
    I wish found the plasma universe before starting school. I think it would have given me more direction. Im not going to lie, I held back going back to school because If I did, It would need to be a plasma universe friendly school.
    This is the 1st time in a long time I have seen some hope about going back to school.

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