May 29, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 42 (2017)

It will be helpful to watch the previous episode (#41) before watching this episode.

2015 Paper on the Stream
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  • Michael Angelo

    Thanks Ben… I just want to throw in an observation. If I’m not mistaken our solar system actually vortexes (like everything else in nature) around the dark rift every 25,920…one “great year” as the Chinese see it. We stared crossing the rift in the ’80s and as we did we left the patriarchal system behind for the next 13,000 years or so in favor of the matriarchal system we clearly are in now. As Graham Hancock describes and Dave from adapt shows so clearly, we are in for a seriously bumpy ride as you know. I hadn’t known which side, top or bottom, we reside, one more of the thousand facts you have brought to my attention:)
    Thank you so much again for Everything EyesOpen Everyday LIVIN

  • kEEpEr


  • Dana Kuykendall

    Ok, so I’m a completely ignorant, non-scientific type of documentary junkie here but Ben said we did NOT cross the galactic plane back in ’12? Does the perspective shown only make it appear so and we just oscillate above the plane? Also, please catch me up on the Magellanic structure. Is it the remnant of another galaxy that merged with ours long ago?

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