May 27, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 49 (2018)

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  • Bunchberry

    Yes. It wouldn’t take very much with the weakening of our magnetic field.

  • Caroline5765

    Seems it is inevitable at some point, like overdue; and one wonders what impacts it would have given all of the different factors involved in this day and time.

  • Lynda

    I keep wondering if some higher being is watching over us. On so many levels we are over due – earthquakes to flu. It seem like were overdue
    for every thing. Lynda

    • CrystalD

      I agree

  • John Mallary

    I think “worse than the Carrington event” is pushing it just a bit.
    But then again, there’s a lot more telegraph wires these days…
    And you did say “might”…;)
    We’ve a few years until we find out… Maybe

    • solardog

      Our shields are way down from “carrington” and the extent of our electronics is so extensive and so much more vulnerable than an “indestructable” telegraph key….a straight shot from that one, I would have to agree that would have been quite damaging. Face it nobody likes to be shot by anything.

  • Brenda

    I hadn’t made the connection before but, looking back can’t help but wonder. My brother had been fighting cancer for years. After September’s close call it was only a month later til he was gone. His cancer had spread at a rapid rate and there was no chance of surviving it. Strange coincidence.

  • CherishHellfire

    September 9th, 2017, I was hospitalized due to invasive suicidal ideations. I postulated to my therapist at that time that those invasive thoughts were not entirely my own, as I was also aware of the spike in solar activity. I’m not a scientist, yet I had suspected for some time that mental states could be directly affected the same forces that affect the tides. It’s no mistake that the root word lunacy is “luna”. During that hospitalization, I remember desperately searching for any science that had done more than make correlations between solar storms and their effect on humans. I needed to find any science that had shown potential causation between psychological health and solar activity. I came up empty-handed, armed with only a blurb from a science blog that lacked any citations. I feel quite vindicated and much safer, as a direct result of the Suspicious 0bserver daily reports. There is nothing like being armed with knowledge, as we navigate through the treacherous waters of this point in humanities timeline.
    I wanted to donate to this work, but couldn’t locate a Patreon link. I did find the premium content though, and I am pleased to be able to support your work in this way.
    Eyes open, no fear. Just gratitude for being here. <3

    • gopher bones

      I’m a new member, grateful to be here. Dear Chearish, You are right…invasive negative thoughts aren’t entirely our own.
      Thoughts and emotions have an enduring physical component called the Biofield….which can be seen, measured and affected…. ..check out Biofield Viewer.
      and Biofield Tuning . enjoy

  • Wolvah

    The flare and CME directed even completely away from us will create an overall sudden total change due to the sudden, uneven and massive plasma current discharge in the corona and beyond. The magnetic reaction and resulting fields will be very interesting.

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