May 23, 2021

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  • Michael Durfee

    If the current sheet was causal to Proxima’s outburst event from 10 years ago, should that place the sheet past Proxima heading at us? Was the outburst a harmonic of another cycle? And if the sheet has not arrived yet from 4 light years away, it must not be moving that quickly right?

    • neilwilkes

      The sheet is already here and already changing every body in our Solar System. It simply takes time to build up the dust in the sun to force the shell release – it won’t happen overnight. FWIW, Doug Vogt’s estimate may even be a little late – once the shield gets down below 50% things are on a knife edge and that event is at most 25 years away – if we take a large X-class flare this solar cycle it could collapse the field altogether, and in 11 years time it won’t even need a major X-class as by that time (the peak of the next Solar Cycle will be in about 12/13 years so the planetary defences will be at 37-38% down by then assuming no further accelerations – and remember a large flare would probably accelerate the process again.
      All we can do right now is try to prepare as best we can – and I believe that is the real reason behind all the lockdowns, as governments who are very well aware of what is coming try to stop mass movement in order to leave themselves a clear run at the safe zones. My hope is that Doug is spot on when he says they have built their bunkers in the wrong locations and all will be buried under a mile of ice.

  • Dirk Mullikin

    If your math is correct, then yes, the current sheet would not be moving quickly. My question, is Doug Vogt’s prediction of a catastrophic event occurring in 2046 correct? Seems likely.

    • David Droescher

      ? GCS impact kicked off the wondering poles signalled by the Carrington Event ~150yr ago; yet has just (4-10 yr ago (due to transit time) set off the stars 1 and 2 steps closer to the source?

      Said a nother way:
      GCS impact is misidentified as merely the Carrington Event in our history books and it will be arriving within the next 2 solor cycles(1 complete cycle ~22yr)

      Would the Carrington Event be equivalent to the snow shovel bunching warning shot analog

      I accept this question can be considered Troll worthy, but I am genuinely confused and not garding a bridge.

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