May 22, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 40 (2017)

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  • Tom Sawyer

    The 800pound gorilla in the room is a simple word that is rarely mentioned if at all regarding vacuum energy is FIELD!Before embarking on explaining magnetism, first the all important word field must be rigorously and scientifically defined with
    ambiguity and misconceptions fully removed. A field (Greek: χώρα) is a conjugate nonspatial attribute between the subject, Ether, and
    the object causing the perturbation (or EM induction), either as gravity, electricity, magnetism, or electromagnetism. A field has
    relevance only as a relational perturbation between the subject and the object causing its appearance; a field is specified only as
    regards to: electricity, magnetism, gravity, matter, and dielectricity (and another unmentioned for another article); however as it must
    be necessitated electricity, dielectricity, gravity, and magnetism are by their very principle not different from the Ether itself. The very
    term ‘magnet’ merely denotes the electrified mass formerly ‘not-a-magnet’; as such magnetism and magnet are abstractions or
    distinctions without a difference except as relates to the coherent field charges of the before and after mass. Conceptual
    disambiguation between a magnet and magnetism itself cannot be enjoined, and is merely a fallacious reification of connotative
    abstractions.A field as purely an attribute (coordinate to X, or as induced by X) is meant as appearing in time but not in space (otherwise we
    cannot mark it, even if same is not in time) relationally to the object or that which caused the induction of which the field is a dynamic
    byproduct thereof; ultimately a field is always the subject (but in ignorance inversely seen as the attribute of another), though
    appearing posterior to the object which induced it to appear. As stated, there is no Ether in space, only space within the Ether (when
    polarized obviously), consubstantial reification choate of a field to and with space is a fallacy, when there is the appearance of one “in
    space” is as meant there is “space at the appearance of a field”, and incorrectly projected in error as ‘between fields’ additionally. A
    field, being nonspatial and atemporal (however its affects are both co-principles of any phenomena involving or the byproduct of a
    field) cannot be ‘after’ anymore than it can be ‘before’ the object of consubstantial reference, which induced it to appear. Just like the
    field beneath ones feet, the field is before and after, distinctions only being made marking a field when induction is or having had
    occurred. However unlike the spatial field beneath ones feet which is dimensional, the Ether field is counterspatial and is not, as
    against the idiocy of GR, conjugate TO, OF, or AS space-time’s conceptual displacement abstractions and fallacious Atomistic
    reifications of space as a ‘thing’ in place of the Ether which mediates action at a distance, which is impossible.A ‘field’ is the conceptual and mediated abstraction wrongly reified as an autonomous entity when in fact all fields are as relates to
    and of the Ether and an object that induces its appearance of which that object is necessarily of course comprised of stable dielectric
    Ether fields (matter), by logical necessity. A field is strictly a relational attribute and perturbation so noted when induced to appear by
    an object, by the movement of an object, or abstractly in reference to electromagnetism which is merely a lexical nuance of referring
    to the Ether itself. To reify a field in itself and in standalone cannot be scientifically enjoined; but for the sake of electromagnetism,
    the field or Ether are all one and the very same thing in denotation, a pure massless induction, circular, radial, polarized, centripetal or
    centrifugal, however the induction that led to the creation of electromagnetism (with its dielectric coaxial component) must be
    introduced as is necessarily the case. It must always be asked “a field OF what (as induced) BY what”. The field, the medium (Tesla’s
    “supreme medium”), or Ether occupies space as a gradient when induced, but cannot be space itself, nor can a field be comprised of
    points or lines as commonly understood a “magnetic field”, since magnetism is a pressure gradient of the Ether which dismisses the
    need for points or lines, since there are none involving same. In nature, there are no such entities as points or lines, only pressures; one
    must draw a line to make a point, therefore it is not a point, but a termination of a line, and one cannot make a line, since one must
    begin at a point (which is yet another line) to draw a line, therefore it is not a line but the (charging) expansion of a point. This
    additionally and summarily dismisses atomistic point particles; all fields and natures pressures are waves and gradients, spatial and
    counterspatial, radial or circular, there are no exceptions to this in the charging discharging universe of Ether modalities.
    In speaking of or about a field the only conventional distinction made between what is everpresent and the localized field is in
    speaking conceptually about a field-feature appearing in the featureless nonspatial and atemporal background whose locus is
    simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. This nonlinear subject without a locus, as pertains the Ether, or its abstraction as ‘field’ is
    the difficulty of linear minds to understand, grasp, express, and wrongly reify a field as a particle-mediated concept or, as GR has
    ignorantly done, transfer mediation to unreal attributive abstractions such as space and time, or as spacetime. In doing so, the
    connotative ramifications of the background fabric of the Ether has been circumvented and transferred to an irrational reification of
    space and time which cannot mediate either charges, magnetism, gravity, or instantaneous action at a distance. Fields operate thru the
    space within them via pressures, motions and time with no “concern” for same. Space operates on nothing, however it is reified in
    fields, but only when fields are polarized, and therefore have dimensional vectors which are measured in time and space; but again
    space does nothing, acts on nothing, mediates nothing, even the Greek Platonists and Pythagoreans knew this ages ago.

  • Tom Sawyer

    The Greeks and Platonists also coined a phrase that never gets mentioned and that is Incommensurability. When discussing the vacuum or ether what we’re really talking about is pure field undisturbed,the unmovable mover,field incommensurability. Do you want an example? Well if you take a fero-viewing film and pass it over a magnet you see the domain or bloch wall that resides in the center of the magnet,you slice that magnet into a zillion pieces and each fragment also have the domain wall. What is that about? You can ask any physicist to explain how that works and all your going to get in return is gobbelygook. In their materialistic,atomistic,quantum nonsense world of metaphysics the notion that there can exist a counterspacial,dielectric inertial plane of incommensurability(ETHER) sounds preposterous and unthinkable,why is this? Easy because the cult of quantum and GR has washed away for the last 100 yrs real science and replaced it with mathemagical metaphysics that have no similarity to reality because they really don’t know and apparently hardly anyone else what the hell a Field is!!!

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