May 18, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 38 (2017)

The map tool used for this video is one of the tools that will become available on for members to make their earthquake risk zones.

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  • kadam303

    Thank you Ben

  • Caroline5765

    It is certainly going to be a flip of the coin as to which locations on this planet fair in the coming with so many possibilities looming; everything from long cycle sleeping giants awakening to atmospheric and weather events wreaking havoc in minutes. For those paying attention, being prepared as well as one can should now be a household norm. Thanks for the deeper look!

  • Brent Hofman Jr

    What about the americas?

  • david nairne

    thanks for info will be heading to Portugal after lights go out and the cold takes out the unprepared that’s if possible as if it is repeat of Wolfe minimum then might just stay put on islands of Scotland and take over and make a replica of Derinkuyu as Europe will get totaled 🙂

  • sean leech

    Very interesting video. Despite the outlook I will be staying in middle Ireland to look after livestock and wildlife on the farm. It may be futile but I have planted 3,500 trees and hedging so far this year and will continue planting as long as I can. Also considering creating a couple of depressions alongside drains to act as small reservoirs. Anyway I would never be happy imposing on some foreign people by moving to their country.

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