May 17, 2019

  • BeechComer

    Obviously, we need the raw data — but you confess you “don’t even know where to get some of this data, like the CME numbers by year,” in the May 15th news. (this may sound like sarcasm, lacking the face-to-face quality that internet communication does, but is absolutely NOT meant to be). I most sincerely hope you or *some* S0 is able to suss that out!

    With data, hopefully including CME speed, some real science could be done. How come the gap between 90-96?

    Still, thanks to this Deeper Look, re-watching the 5/15 News I’m much better able to understand the implications you mentioned! This is what makes the website membership worth it!

    Mark Twain said, “The sincerest form of flattery is embodied by the phrase, ‘Pay to the order of…’.” Hopefully, you will therefore not mark *this* thank-you as insincere!


    –The BeechComer

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