March 5, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 22 (2017) Article

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  • Catherine Reed

    Love it!

  • laurie

    Here’s one potential culprit…Anomalous zones at the base of Earth’s mantle…

  • laurie

    Or consider perhaps the mantle’s dynamics, the movement of rivers of mantle through the mantle, from deep in the core/mantle boundaries-or at least electromagnetic/electrochemical/magnetochemical effects of those dynamics?

  • neilwilkes

    I am getting an error telling me I cannot play the video in the current setup.
    Firefox on XP – what do I need please?
    Oddly this does play on my cellphone though

  • BrettMoore

    I am questioning the idea of the earth structure in the context of Mass. As you have mass accumulating towards a center.. at a certain point the center of gravity of that mass is no longer the center.. it is somewhere outwards between the center and the outer edge of the sphere. In fact, if the inside if the sphere is fluid, it will be drawn outwards creating a void.

    Considering the “ringing” moon on several experiments, and some very strange earth quake readings around the globe – I am not so fast in dismissing the hollow earth theory. Ok so I am not so much Jules Vern, as the possibility that we really have no idea but pretend that we do. So deep earth quakes.. lets look at it with physics in mind… it must be something that releases a significant amount of energy and there must be a means for that energy to be conducted to the earths crust. So… what is really 600km down ? It is possible that there is a second “crust” on the inner side of the planet that also shifts around. There may be places where these crusts meet and cause a collision. It certainly fits a theory matching “shallow” earth quakes that do in fact fit our current model. I have no proof and this is merely philosophical, and based on the laws of physics.

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