March 25, 2021

Lots of people are claiming the moon is flipping in the sky. Here is what they are really seeing.

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  • drledford93

    Oh my…this is something that is making the rounds??? Clown world strikes again!

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    Lots of people must be self-selecting for Ignorance rather than integrous Information. It’s sad to know so many people don’t grasp that facing towards and facing away from an object makes a difference. I enjoyed your lab experiment. Thanks for this teaching!

  • FallenSun

    post of the year

  • NonTerrestrial

    But….but…how can any of this be if the Earth is flat!?!

  • jamers

    Is this really a thing people debate?? Oh myy

  • VisitingProf

    Nice, very nice. Thanks for the chuckles. “The thing that flipped was you.” – Ben Davidson. (This belongs in the “SO Archives”).

  • retro

    Oh man. Is this the latest campaign by the CIA to discredit free thinkers? Must be a thing that went around the Youtubes 7x, like flat earth.

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