March 19, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 27 (2017)


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  • silvermitt

    I cannot possibly express just how badly this sort of easy to digest information needs to go out to people. I know of several still scratching their heads over why some of us dismiss global warming “facts.” I don’t think this sort of information ever makes it into their inbox, and since this is premium content, I can’t just forward it to them. They truly think I don’t have the facts and I pretty much echo that sentiment back to them. Kinda a pointless eddy of ideas and never seems to find a stopping point, like a black hole.

  • john zele (Jon Mallary)

    I get that volcanic emissions, ice and clouds reflect heat globally, and that there’s a tipping point where albedo takes over.

    What I don’t get is… After the snowball earth is ready to roll, how does it roll back uphill?

    Is it a millionish year period of active Sun, less volcanic eruptions and gradual melting, that thaws the earth or is there a rapid heating from…say…ocean albedo? Subterrainian heat migration? St Elmo’s fire? Alex Jones breath?


  • Brett Klaft

    I posit that volcanos are primarily responsible for both heating and cooling. It has to do with the earth’s crust thickness. When the earth is covered in snow, the earth’s crust is insulated and thins – allowing for increased volcanic activity. This deposits dark particles on the surface of the ice, raising albedo and warming the earth.
    When the earth is warmer due to the lack of ice and resulting raised albedo,again the crust thins, allows increased volcanic emissions which “shade” the earth, causing cooling.
    Volcanos can be said to be the prime mechanism regulating the earth’s temperature.
    S’pose I’m just thinking out loud here.

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