June 19, 2020

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  • neilwilkes

    It would be back to the Stone Age – the biggest problem would be the loss of the power grids, and the resulting mass anarchy in ALL cities when there is no food no water, no gas, no power and no deliveries of fresh supplies for the forseeable future.
    We are only ever 48 hours away from total meltdown in cities

    • Charles

      The craziest part of that scenario is that the key parts of the electrical infrastructure are theses multi-million $$ power transformers. Those transformers are built in factories that rely on a working power grid, have a 1 YEAR lead time, and are overseas.

      To further your point….

      There wouldn’t be many people left after a year of no electricity in the USA because we have no alternatives in place. Farmers don’t have plow-horses, they depend heavily on fossil fuel or electricity for everything, including fertilizer… I’d bet maybe 1 in 50 knows how to farm without modern conveniences. Then there is food preservation for meat and produce. very little is dried anymore, everyone uses electrically powered freezers.. which means most food will just rot within days.
      The vast majority only keep enough groceries for a few days at most, many not even that. I’ve watched my neighbors go to the store twice a day because they just didn’t bother to plan ahead.
      City and well water is pumped by electricity .. I’ve never seen a manual well pump in my life, outside of videos.
      Even if food/water was available, people use electronic means to pay for almost everything.. so that’s another way we’re screwed.

      As a society we just don’t have anything to fall back on.

      Anarchy and chaos would descent very quickly, and it would get worse from there, methinks 48 hours is optimistic.

  • MissyKY

    This makes me think that we need to step back to living pre-nova with dried and canned goods on a seasonal diet. Growing up, we bought from the butcher, greengrocer, and had local stores of hardware and pharmacy. The recent lockdowns that we all experienced with COVID-19 and how people are now acting with the lifting of them is a big lesson. Hoarding was an issue. Now people are impatient and rude. Civility is gone in my community. The thought process of how cities will take to the countryside to find food is scary. That example happened recently in Venezuela.

    Other than joining the Amish and learning to live without electricity, I think one can try to shelter solar panels in a deep basement for the post-Nova environment, learn Scouting skills for living outdoors, and get your gun permit with your hunting rifle. Living on a farm with producing all your own food is a good thing to seriously consider doing. I think I’m going to dust off my knitting skills and try to do mittens, sweaters, and caps.

    Thanks Ben!

    • Backcast

      I spend time in Amish country when I can. They have some pretty clever and effective non electric based technology for lighting, heatIng and refrigeration; not just for homes but factories, stores and warehouses also. They don’t just farm.

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