July 14, 2021

Just some of my thoughts spilling out… inspired by yours.

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  • jtempleton

    Please tell me where exactly where the billionaires are going when the leave the planet? Would the plan to be to leave after the shift or before? It makes no sense to me.

  • Isa Peacekeeper

    Practicing or not… ‘they’ are members of the billionaires club… a very “special” club consisting mostly of narcissistic psychopaths.. and we arent invited.
    (My protest at censoring Seuss)

    ‘I wouldnt want to be stuck in space with..
    I wouldnt want to be at any pace with..
    I do not like twitter exploits of narcissists..
    Those no good Nick part n’ parcelists..
    I do not like those hams Sam I am 😉 ‘

    Well… look at the bright side: for 23 ml a trip, they’ll sit next to us in flight :/ 💕✌

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    There’s two or three kinds of us as I see it:
    Some look outside theirSelf for solutions/success
    Some look inside theirSelf for solutions/success
    Some are just not looking.

  • Neferkheperure

    Can’t fault your thinking about this Ben, I believe this is how the billionaires and their ilk are prepping.

  • cjan137

    I’m not so sure… Before the flash they get to space and then the flash occurs… Dead spacecraft. After the flash they don’t get off the ground… ??? Useless billions spent?

  • Caroline5765

    Thanks Ben. Since they print the money out of thin air, and back it by thin air I see no reason why they can’t put it to thin air.

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