January 31, 2019

Some articles and points on how the shifty have shifted in the underhanded arm of the climate fight.

“What was that about your ethical construct?” In the pure definition of feminism (not the mutated irresponsible garbage you find today) and in the tenants of equality, I find no disagreements. Nature, however, is leading the minority-rule agenda, they have begun to make postings that are heavily influence by wanting to appear to be a certain type of organization, and they are doing so with marketing, rather than science.

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    Thanks Ben,

  • John Mallary

    Thankfully, alternative media hasn’t been squelched too hard. And not too many under 40 watch the Tabliod TV media, as it and its online media vestigial arms or read newspapers.
    But Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are trying.
    They’re all turning into the National Enquirer.
    Mmmmm the taste of BS.
    Must still be yummy but methinks eventually, the squeaky wheels of climate gore, will get greased in the rear end and “shafted”…

    • John Mallary

      Gotta love autocorrect…
      Darn cellphone
      When I grow up, I want a real computer!

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