January 31, 2017

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  • John Otter


  • Bernice Kadatz

    Ben, are you sure the upper mantle contains liquid hydrogen or did you mean water? Silica dissolves rather readily into hot water but I have not heard before that the upper mantle contains liquid hydrogen. Your theory on how quartz can contribute to the deep earthquakes is very plausible.

  • ben miller

    and those studies don’t even consider the electric component of the earth, just temperature and pressure!

  • William Fauber

    Recommendation; You should review the way these deeper look Episodes end, A summary of thoughts would be a better ending then just stopping as if some portion of the audio is missing.

  • Lltvajaz8

    Can Billy Yelverton conduct an experiment showing this occurring. A picture ( video) is worth a thousand words.

  • Sterling Archer

    Possibly the source of Noah’s flood water?

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