January 18, 2020

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  • EClay

    Unfortunately I can’t understand the math, but it seems as though such a high rate of material being ejected (particularly by the jets) indicates against a galactic core containing a black hole.

    • Bigpicguy

      Since I’ve been watching the show only thing I can see is another sun being the galactic core.. I’m sure to be speaking out of my league tho

  • Misanthrope420

    Are they looking at these objects from a Newtonian perspective? What are the velocities of these objects? What is their mass? Do they interact with the galactic current sheet?

  • Charles

    Ben, bro, your guesses are more accurate than most people’s ‘facts’.

  • Frauleen

    Just watched a program on UFO activity around San Madrid earthquake fault right before a quake. The glowing “plasma balls” that bobbed in front of the scientist’ studying the phenomenon, preceding an EQ, look just like those blobs! Gulp! Galactic quake?

  • BeechComer

    2:30 “…because if they find a lot more, the mystery is going to deepen about what exactly on earth these things are.”

    Unanswerable mystery – they’re not ON Earth! :^D

  • sgj

    Models are the new scientific evidence. Didn’t you know?



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