January 10, 2020

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  • Deriv

    Interesting as I was thinking of Noah’s Ark today, and how there were likely places where the water steadily rose but just never stopped rising. Otherwise we would never of told stories such as Noah’s Ark and the epic of Lord Vishnu. I can’t help but wonder the safety of the continent though given the longevity of the aboriginal people.. but as you mentioned Lemuria/Mu/Atlantis, it could be possible they migrated from these to the new continent of Australia during past cataclysms and that is why such an ancient people have survived for so long.

  • Billy Rogers

    Maybe turn the globe on its side and spin it to where the water is North and South it may give you some idea about land high and low just speculating

    • Ernest Bush

      On your comment about fires, newspapers of the time have recorded fires as bad or worse. It would seem that a small motor sailer stocked with supplies is not a bad thing to have close by for my son’s family in the Desert Southwest. There are already a lot of those around here.



  • Terese Nehrbauer

    Very sensible recommendation! And another authority— Tao backs you up: “be like water”

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