January 1, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 1 (2018)

Visuals: SolarSystemScope.com

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  • Snarf552000

    Somewhat on topic? I guess.. The math behind the Milankovitch cycle has been bothering me with the onset or impending onset of items like. The minimum, the Beaufort Gyre switch, the pole reversal. I am a new member here but have been following this community for years. Can someone please answer my question or help me ponder on it? Anyone know if Ben see’s these comments? Gosh I would like his input on this. It just seems to me that it adds another magnitude to what “could” happen. And I haven’t seen any relevant discussion on this cycle with the other things we talk about here every day.

    Being at an elongated perihelion when all these things happen…. I saw todays report that the great minds have concluded that the coming cold shall be Dalton-esque vs. Maunder esque. But, I am wondering if Milancovitch cycles are being applied in the equation? Seems to me that the problem would expound? Anyone else?? Wish there was a discussion link on this site where I could thread this… BEN HELP!?

    • Don Joseph

      Greetings…..snarf snarf. If you click the PREMIUM tab on the left of the website there is a dropdown menu with “direct2S0” in it. This is a direct line to Ben if you want his opinion on the matter. No discussion forum with topic threads as of now on this site. You may want to try the group chat on a saturday morning to get other members thoughts as well. Be*Well

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