January 1, 2017

2017 Episode 1 – January Planetary Geometry

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  • John Otter

    This is excellent, Ben. It has been nearly impossible to communicate specifically, and effectively, about these publications in the forums. I look forward to frequently shooting off my mouth in 2017!


    Muchas gracias Ben. Pura vida.
    Carlos from Costa Rica

  • silvermitt

    Spring is going to be interesting. Did you mean to time the conference with fun alignments? If you know much about George Ure and Clif High, you already know they’ve got indications of high activity in the spring, though not all specifically tied to sun. Should be quite interesting.

  • Tweak

    this has got to be one of the best updates to the site i have seen in a while i cant wait to see the comments from everyone through out the year

  • Eugene Bagashov

    Mercury is not Apollo, it’s Hermes.

  • Eldryn

    The addition of the ability to leave socially awkward comments and erase the things my cat or baby types is awesome.

  • bluejean

    Totally agree with John. I wondered if the day wld ever come! Eugene, Hermes and Apollo are alternative names for Mercury.

  • SPS

    Thanks Ben! …now we need comment notifications. lol

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