FOTW November 27, 2021

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  • olduglycarl

    Listening to the “after” discussion…the differences between us and others; can you say…Divergence?

    • Houseboat Grandma

      Since everyone else is sharing the good bad and ugly here am I.
      Looking back i can truly say my hardships were a part of my training. I learned through the hard times, not the good ones, so don’t cry.
      Early on I began taping into The Energy. I was a young child, around 6 years old. I knew then my life was going to be a hard one and I didn’t want it. I would sit on the floor in front of the bathroom mirror and cry. I didn’t want my life. The first time I ran away I was 6, I was already tired of being hit. As I cried on the bathroom floor, looking into that mirror Spirit spoke to me, my soul, said to do my time, that there was a plan, that I would be rewarded in the end, that this human family was not my real one, my real family was on the other side.
      I did my time but i could feel my Dad’s energy as it would come down the street driving to our house. I could feel, sense when his energy was dangerous, bad and it would intensify as it was getting close and then Spirit would Speak, Run Now! I would dive head first out that bathroom window and run for my life.. Thats probably why I am still alive. I was a runaway until I was in high-school then I lived mostly with friends.
      I can still feel people, some are good some make my hair stand on end and are very dark.
      Many moons ago I worked at Montelepre Hospital in New Orleans back in the day when they kept comatose people alive on vents. I could feel whose spirits were trapped in their bodies and whose were no longer present, just empty vessels, bodies.
      I felt a huge shift in earths energy in Sept 2018, Spirit said to prepare, so I did. I didn’t know what I was Preparing for but I obeyed.
      I feel the veil thinning, lifting and we are becoming more intuitive, knowing, feeling, seeing things like never before.
      If you see, feel, know a change in people around you its because you are becoming more sensitive to the energy.
      I almost want to say, I feel people are possessed by a dark energy, something non-human, without a soul or feelings, Not all, but a lot.
      I always say, know where you stand because if your on the fence you are easy bait and it will get you.
      I feel we are in a Spiritual War with something non-human and very dark. I say prepare Spirituality, Protect yourself and family Spirituality energetically. There is an energy a force we can tap into and use. Do it, raise your vibrations. Stay very close to God. Pray for sensitivity to Spirit, for understanding of their messages and the courage to follow through. Love hard, Love is the Key to it. May The Force be With You. I Love you. I am Praying hard for our protection, Strength and Warrior Courage. I feel something Coming and it’s not Good. Tap into The Force, The Energy it will Protect, Guide, Help. Keep your eyes on the sky. BELIEVE. We have help on the other side.
      I Love you,
      Melanie ❣❣❣🙏🙏🙏💋💋💋🛡⚔🛡⚔🛡⚔🛡⚔🛡⚔🛡⚔🛡⚔🏵

      • Pat Vester

        Dear Grandma-my own died long ago at 95. You encourage me yet I think only God can reach us now. May He bless you and encourage you! You are obviously feeling His Spirit. I do not think physical fighting is the answer-this is a spiritual judgment from our God on our country for it’s countless breakage of every law God has given in His word. I am very sad for our people. We left the path of the Creator’s wisdom long ago.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload and discussion gentlemen. By the time the Gov’t gets around to admitting they lied we will be in ice. Keep preparing as best you can.
    I hope you gentlemen are following Karen Kingston. She has a recent interview on Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog site that lays out the money trail for the next 10 years of Covid crap.
    Ben outstanding job on giving the scientific community a few terms… not that you do not already do an outstanding job. And I am grateful.

  • Ametrine Moonshadow

    We’ve been “Preppers” hardcore since right after 9/11. That servered one purpose They didn’t intend by causing a lot of people to go that way instead living in fear. The plandemic is just the newest version of 9/11, in a way. Not enough space to flesh out that thought.
    I know what you mean about the NPCs, when I managed a store in a mall, a woman came in the store 3 or 4 times in one day. It happened every Sat. I finally asked her why. It was not the same woman. The women were dressed exactly alike, hair the same, makeup the same, they even looked alike. It was freaky. Absolutely freaky.

  • PaulN

    Battlestar Galactica…

  • sativarg

    Dear Davidson’s,
    I am sorry for your loss.
    I had an old friend of sixteen years who went missing from me forever. He was my whole family. I know how that feels but not how you do. I am glad for you that you could be there for your friend.
    nothing is right to say; nothing is good enough in these times… but still i am sorry.
    I am not sure how else to write to you so I wrote here. Other Email are not getting through it seems
    sorry for this public display…

  • sativarg

    36:27 RE: the clones… and Wow Mr. Davidson… do I get it.
    I used to notice something very like your observation in school back in the seventies. Later I got off the T.V. for a while and had some traumatic meditations. I started seeing types around me. There are types of people and as you said the unique. I found an old tape of my father talking and it hit me… my dad identified with John Wayne. Part of what is happening as the control grid gets tighter and tighter is people being entrained into distinct behavior types. Sort of like psychological clones who are conditioned to behave according to the type they identify with. Carl Gustav Jung touched on this with the whole archetype theory or observation… our entertainment is very much entrainment. What has been called predictive programming is a very real technique of control. When people who are susceptible become engrossed in a film or `program or game the will identify with their “type” and get programmed in very specific behaviors for the type of situation the entertainment/entrainment deals with. Some will learn victim behaviors, some hero and some villains etc.

    My dad was often in John Wayne mode. When that hit me I understood so much. Then I studied Transactional Analysis and gathered from that an understanding of games, roles and masques. But what is too prevalent now is much darker and involves very real Human tools who have been cultivated as very young children, groomed and then placed in all manner of places in our society to be used.
    … but back to the simple game NPCs you are observing and Yes Mr. Davidson you are so right on with that, I also see the clones… send in the clones indeed. Zombies are very real and some are very well programmed and self destruct only after taking out others on the way. If those Human robots did not kill others first and just shot themselves then they would be too notable and too well investigated… see?
    … back to listening…
    42:07 and go back to sleep…
    The owners of Earth and Humanity made Humans to be definitively programmable. Part of our design is to weave into our reality and through our minds a cloak of plausible deniability. The cloak acts like a security blanket we all share. We are designed to support the group addiction to deniability. When ever an individual like Ben Davidson starts to diverge from the domestication the NPCs will do everything they are programmed to do to put Ben back to sleep or shut him up… see? The cloak is very slick like Teflon so that nothing sticks to it and very like Graphene based Kevlar as it is self repairing and tough to penetrate. The cloak is made from us and comes from us at the same time… we are the cloaks ablative armor… hear? The manipulators of Humanity are that good at what they have been doing for thousands of years.
    … when the very old techniques and technologies are passed down and used by Humans to control one another they are called magics, rituals and demonic… these names serve to provide more deniability. What these are is real and powerful science kept hidden in esoteric cammo.
    … any way… please forgive my conspiracy observations…
    back to listening…

    • Pat Vester

      I agree.

  • sativarg

    continued and the inability for too many people to deal with apposing concepts.
    A very big part of why so many Human Beings and especially those in western societies can not deal with cognitive dissonance and will do anything not to is our being so heavily drugged and mentally damaged strategically. Why is there any kind of mercury in any injection for children? Why put mercury in children’s teeth? Why the fluoride in United States of American’s water? these are not just useful accidents, in my opinion, these are strategies that work to make us and U.S. easier to manipulate. Even the led or PB put into gasoline and left in all the water infrastructure seems dodgy to me. Too many of these things have powerful effects on the mind and our ability to think. Then there is the whole plastics as a drug delivery system thing… and I go on and on…
    back to listening…
    No sir… there are conscious forms all around us here in Earth who are not Homo sapiens. Cetaceans, Apes and some birds are conscious in the way you mean… but even further from main stream are plasma forms who are unseen by most? Ask the shaman? We are not the end all and be all of conscious life at all sir. I have met some of the most civilized forms who were not what you would call Human.
    … back to listening…
    46:57 of 51:27 and…
    There is hope that some of the NPCs you are observing have souls in cammo… It takes some doing but I have gotten past the masque of some real Human Beings who were acting like clones as a self defense. You would be happily surprised at how many who look and act like clones are hiding in order to get through their lives. Some of the most indoctrinated can be decalcified with a bid of old fashion acid or a hit on a joint of Mexican. Yes its not politically correct but some medicine is called poison by the manipulators for a reason. The masque is so powerful. I have shut down people who were reaching out with information about the matrix and later could kick myself for saying or doing what the masque made me do. I struggle with that masque all the time these days and being genuine is not easy… here in this very venue I have been a tool and later regretted what I wrote. For that I am very sorry but there is no edit button here.
    … back to listening…
    Confused? LOL What role do I identify with? Harper… Hmmm… Interesting Mr. Davidson
    Now In conclusion
    thanks all for the conversation and inspirations.

    • Houseboat Grandma

      I Hear what you say.
      Thank you for your nonedited thoughts. There is a reason I can’t be around people out there, now, and have to protect my spirit from outside influences. I feel whats out there but can’t put it into words. I feel best on the water, in the woods around the animals.
      I still pray hard for world peace and Love and for us like minded 🙏 ❤ 💕 Sending everyone Love. ❣
      Hold the Line arm in arm, hand in hand Connected in Love in Spirit always and Forever. Big Tight Hugs.
      Thank you Chuck,
      Lov you

  • Houseboat Grandma
    Catherine Austin Fitts
    They use the Weather as a Weapon???

  • Roos Kohn


  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d about what the galactic waviness is about – it couldn’t possibly be something from the uutisde – just like light has an aspect that is described as a wave, meaning there if a periodicity, it does not behave in every way like a paraticle, so too with the torus – it has, also, a periodicity and a wavelike property, and, just writing this, I suddenly find myself speculating as to whether perhaps even photons could have a toroidal nature…

    My Thanksgiving was spent mostly watching holiday shows, as that had marked my chilhdhood Thanksgivings, my Mom o.b.m. wishing to do the cooking herself, leaving us all morning long to watch the Parade. So, I watched the Parade, and was happy to see just how happy every marching and performing person was to be out there and showing their happiness and pride in whatever they were doing to the live and virtual audiences, and then I watched Capitol Punishment, which reminded me that we MUST do something to alleviate the unjust suffering of those imprisoned falsely in connection to the concoted story of J6, and poignantly reminded me of the tragic loss of Ashli Babbitt, may G-d avenge her blood, and then I watched Pilgrim’s Progress, which anyone can watch any time at a YouTube Channel called Vision Video. Shabbos, I read part one of the book, a copy of which I have in the Penguin Edition, with a map of Christian’s travels on the cover, it looks a lot like Atlantis, and I had tried to read this book when I was in college, in about 1978. Hadn’t gotten very far. I was surprised to see a few underlines and comments in my own handwriting.

    I got the book from my sister’s (o.b.m.) bookshelf, when I was in college. She had left the world on April Fool’s Day, 1976. She always did love to pull April Fool’s pranks. That one was not funny. But I hope later I wiil find out that she is not gone after all and that it was indeed just a prank.

    Regarding the non-player characters, you do not know their inward thoughts. They may appear to be NPC’s, but no one is really an NPC. All are individuals but they do not wear their hearts on their sleeves. Just keep leading, and those for whom your leadership is intended, whose quest is in your fields of inquiry, will be sure to follow, whether or not you can see that. It’s hard to lead when you keep looking over your shoulder to see whether others are following. Blaze the trail, and those whom you d not even know are watching are bound to follow, as soon as they can pack up their baggage, discard what they don’t need, and get onto the trail to see for themselves what you’ve discovered. The faster you blaze the trail, the faster they can follow.

    • David Droescher

      “Even photons could have a toroidal nature”
      how else could it be observed simultaneously having both particle , Wave nature? And add prism property’s when the edge of the toroidal flow is obstructed the remaining flow bends to close the blockage in a predictable manner based on % of blockage, giving gradients of shadow on the edges of the wave vs particle slot gap test. same can be seen with smoke rings (change of trajectories based on %blocked)
      The different strands of spaghetti forming the outer sheath represent the different forms that the photon can manifest moving on there respective XYT grids through the center axis point(were the particle behaver exists ) take a slice of this tube at the right moment and of the correct thickness(duration of time) that cross-section would show the toroidal flow pattern.
      npc (No Physical Consciousness) Auto pilot /hivemind must be programed the technique was pioneered by dear Henry Ford”s ass-em-bly line.(through no fault of his own) and complained of weekly on FOTW . All are capable of making an awakening. For many pull the blinders , the multiple layers of blindfolds off , forcibly peal there eyes open; to no avail fore they proudly were there bucket of shame as a crowned king of there world . for this bucket of folks type it typically manifests as a reboot attempt(blue pill) to regain control of there failing kingsdoom. We are all human after all (them too); quick power cycles dont work on us , it is oft the end of us to attempt a power cycle of any type…
      the hunt is on find that monkie (the 100th), then buckets will not exist.
      forget the stick, walk light , be gray, to see the day with eyes open no fear .

  • David Droescher

    “I don’t like pop culture car build shows, those shows don’t float my boat.”
    you would be greatly surprised to find that some of the automotive top hitters on YT are this, exactly what ya don’t like.(the purpose as I understand is to shed light over our understanding. They must all walk through the door willingly, this level of Bait and Switch is needed to get them through the door then we ask them to doff there blindfold for blinders . For them, as with the beast of burden(horce) , they will be willing to walk about With Eyes Open and No Fear.
    aka put the frog in then apply the heat… The diablo is in the details

    ford = pre 94.MY 95 electric injectors
    dodge= all inclusive MY(Modle year)1989- current(2022) parts on the shelf(w/step by step instructions ) to “p-pump”94-98.25 any MY.03 first electric injectors
    Chevy =nothing newer than MY99 all D-max are electric injectors
    imports =70-80’s few 90’s most lack support for Daily Driver much less a “Big Burb ” build
    chassis/body any with 3-4 wheels and capacity to support~ 2k lbs of frame braking motor
    lacking souls =bot/drone… an algorithm with pre set purpose , be the coagulant component of the greece for the cogs, it gives them purpose.( some of us cogs can give thanks to the fact that a little lube makes life a little smoother, and theas soulless people will be sorely missed.)
    The machine will run for months/years before the missing greece is noticed due to gross failure of a majorly critical component that will end the functionality of our world as we know it.

  • ddtufw1975

    I don’t believe that there is any new varrient. They will say what ever it is they can to get a few people to take the jab. Until gates hits us with a real killer. There trying to take us all out without going to war.

  • Woody

    Perhaps the mRNA vaccine creates crazy variants. It is documented that double vaxxed people have high viral loads and carry them around for quite a while.

    Our immune system has spent at LEAST 4000 years to 50/100 million years developing. Along comes a handful of “scientists” (arrogant f___s) and create a new way, using mRNA to become “immune”. They are science! They know better than our immune system!

    Let me share a possible future with you: Late nite TV 2035 – If you got the mRna vaccination in 2020, you might be entitled to compensation.

  • Woody

    Ben! Are you thinking the Guff is empty?

  • JustVic

    44:44 Whos Vic?

  • Katz

    I lived in many countries, 2 continents and coming to US I too realized that here there are way more NPC’s than anywhere else I’ve been (pardon my punctuation lacking).
    That’s why I’ve always been a loner as well as lonely… There was nobody to talk to.
    Thank goodness for the web, makes you forget how screwed the world is.

  • David Droescher

    Are the NPC’s artificial sugar hounds instead of cancer?
    There addiction to fake sugar is caused from a byproduct of a lifeform that when deprived causes cravings for corn syrup to prevent itself from starving.

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