February 4, 2022

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  • Michael

    You just blew my mind.

  • Linefeed

    Cool video!

  • Roos Kohn

    Ben may this be shared online?

  • Frauleen

    Best explanation yet! You are right on in dismissing the other possible mechanisms which were not convincing.

  • sean leech

    Thanks Ben, that was magnificent .

  • PapaCriss

    I think I’m going to need a thicker parka.

  • Fred Jones

    very very good video … im going to need a deeper hole … lol .. be safe and enjoy the day everyone

  • brispence

    I have watched this a few times and I have 2 thoughts: Why is there not a single mention of any world freezes over or gods frozen wrath “Myths” in the world and, why is it we never find any flash frozen People. There are no good answers for the missing flash frozen people in any myth or evidence. where was man during this?

  • BowHunter8

    Amazing theory that may solve a problem I have had for nearly 50 years. What really drew me to the SOs several years ago was the acceptance of a younger Earth that had seen catastrophes. I fully appreciate that Ben and Billy do not share my theological world view. However, I suspect there are more than a few Christ Followers here that do.

    I became a Christian in April of 1973. I was still 22 years old. I immediately ran in to a conflict with what I “knew” was true among multiple multiple science disciplines and my new faith which demanded the Biblical narrative must be accurate both in theology and physical science. My electrical technology background and career were an integral part of the conflict. I began reading Christian resources that pointed toward fitting observable geology, geography, and cosmology into the Biblical narratives of the first 11 chapters of Genesis. Interestingly I saw this question “How do you flash freeze a mammoth?” asked much the same way in the mid-70s. One way proposed was to push the beast into a swimming pool full of liquid nitrogen. But they then proposed scenarios based on water ice from “dirty snowball comets”. I realized even back then such proposals didn’t work and could only conclude I needed to learn something new. Here today in 2022, just shy of 50 years later I have a solid lead on a working theory solving the problem! Thank you Ben, and praise to my creator God for His provision!

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