February 3, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 16 (2018)

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  • Caroline5765

    Okay Ben, get the vinegar in, the Vitamin C on and a couple teaspoons of honey, ok? Too soon to conference time to host anything outside of normal. This is interesting. Trees are interesting in their entirety anyway, so I find this of great interest. Headed to check out the links. Be well. Thank you for the neat DL.

  • Woodespryte

    This is interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  • Deriv

    So the reason they saw a decrease in animal population is the methane emissions and/or the water table? I was thinking a higher water table would cause more animals because of the easier access to water.. But I guess that would also mean the trees/shrubbery don’t have to reach as far down for water so they don’t grow as much, thus less food for our furry friends.

  • retro

    Would be interesting to see if these occur at all latitudes or just higher ones [closer to the pole]. And if they do occur at different latitudes, are there differences in the size and amount of occurrences per square mile/km.

    And we should see something like this in Australia, South America and Africa then.

  • Holon

    Paul Stamets discusses something along the lines of the phenomena and its relation to Honey Fungus in his latest appearance on the JRE podcast (1035)t- (sorry, don’t have the precise time stamp).

  • David Droescher

    Would be interesting to see tree ring samples to see if the from both inside and outside the circumference of the fairy rings of trees to see if the fairy rings migrate over medium timescales or if they are stationary over longer durations than what woods are showing here
    Would there be gravitational anomalies similar to things like the Oregon Vortex or the Mystery House of Northern California or the 11 other known Vortex locations if memory serves me correctly 7 of the 11 are in the state of Oregon. I have personally been to two of these Vortex gravitational anomalies Plum is not up in these locations every conceivable measuring tool says the building’s walls are straight up and down your measuring tools also will tell you that water is Flowing uphill.

  • Bo Shaffer

    Mushroom “fairy rings” are caused by a fungus…initial inoculation spreads in an almost perfect circle. The fruiting bodies arise at the limits of the circle of infestation due to conditions there.
    These tree rings look a lot like a fungal growth pattern. The difference in water table level seems exactly like a meniscus…
    I would hypothesize that there is a fungus that affects the water holding ability of the ground, making it into a bowl that may end up drowning the plants along the periphery….
    Or not…..

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