February 27, 2019

I spoke with a space weather legend briefly this week. He is retired, and was not open to recording a show, but was willing to chat with me for the purpose of getting his take on a few items.

  1. We ARE in the modern cosmic ray maximum.
  2. Cosmic rays will continue to rise for months after sunspots return.
  3. “No comment” on upcoming grand minimum.
  4. The lag in cosmic rays behind sunspots is 1-3 years.
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  • kplusu

    Check this out. I feel like NASA is watching your videos too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liZqW0MsrKM&list=WL&index=2&t=0s

  • kplusu

    Thank you for this and the weather climate video. i really needed it broken down for me

  • KittyMac

    Thanks for sharing that, Ben!

  • Billy Rogers

    Interesting and in history we are completely in uncharted territory. Pole reversal a half million years overdue last winter staid 6 weeks late and September arrived early in august it was like a super extended fall so will seasons go to three should we delay planting by a month and a half? ALL THIS CRAZY UNIVERSAL THOUGHT PROVES 1 THING [GOD] WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS AMEN ALL GLORY TO HIM ETERNALLY no offence Love Yall!

  • Vinny

    Used Russian spacesuits on ebay go for about 49 grand – if we can find one.
    They probably wouldn’t help anyway.
    Why do you think Buzz Aldrin has that crazed look in his eyes?

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