February 23, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 23

Observing the Frontier 2018 | Ben Davidson: What To Do With Space Weather Health Information

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  • Caroline5765

    At our fire station we are well aware there are more calls during these events and often make reference to the KP index or potential space weather; sometimes in fire house humor. When you first come on duty you sometimes get greeted with “Hey C, welcome to another KP shift.” Or the tones will drop and as soon as dispatch prompts out, somebody will reference it; “bet you dinner it’s a KP 6” or if it is a fire you might hear “da*n, another flare up without the sun…” One time we arrived at a bad 2 motorcycle accident, (they hit each other head on). One of the Medics tending a patient looked up and said in a serious matter of fact voice “this is KP Kosher for sure, get double LZ set up immediately” (meaning it was too bad for ground transport, dispatch for two helio med vacs and get the landing zones set up). Don’t get me wrong, we take it all very seriously, it is just that often times it includes space weather reference. People in the emergency fields are well aware; if only more people in general were attuned maybe there would not be so many calls. Good discussion Ben! btw- the medic who called it a ‘KP Kosher for sure’ was named Ben also. 🙂

    • Bill Howell

      oops again, I should have replied rather than posted as below.

  • Bill Howell

    Caroline5765 – Thanks for the comment!! … which is the first that I have seen from a fire department perspective. I am a volunteer firefighter in a tiny town – Hussar, Alberta, Canada. Being on the prairies, we mostly have grass fires and a very few motor vehicle accidents (mostly deer-related is my guess, but some bad accidents), but if you know of any [associations, correlations] sun-fires I’d be interested. I’ve an old graph on forest fires versus sunspots that is the first shown in : “http//www.BillHowell.ca/Pandemics, health, and the Sun/Hoyte & Schatten year – solar influence on climate & natural systems, graphs.pdf” . Have you seen anything more recent on [urban, rural, natural area] fires? I’ve also been collected stuff on [rise and fall of civilisations, wars, pandemics, wildlife population dynamics, glaciation modelling, etc] over the years.

    • John Mallary

      The only documented solar induced wildfire event I know of that seems legit were the fires in Serbia in 2012. One or two hundred as I recall…
      The polar electrojet shorted out! Looked like a solar umbral field shorting out in the graphics…

      A paper was written… Lemme see if I can find a link…ok


      That’s a 2012 S0 video with a link to the paper studying spaceweather as a possible cause of the massive Serbian fires in 2012, during a geomagnetic storm following the last decent earth facing CME from the last decent “X” Class solar flare with a CME to erupt directly facing Earth.

      There were similar wildfire outbreaks in 2013, 2016 and 2017.

      • Bill Howell

        John Mallory – AWESOME!! (and awesome memory!). Thanks a bunch for the link to the Suspicious0bservers.org video from which I downloaded the paper. The authors’ comment “… The justification of this approach lies in the belief that it is impossible by direct or indirect activity of man to set fire at the same time to the sites that are geographically separated. …” is similar to statements in a very interesting description of the Great Fire of Chicago, which occurred near-simultaneously in separate geographical areas (so that cow that kicked over a lantern or whatever must have been part of a Great Cattle Conspiracy?). The Great Fire of Chicago 1871 – descriptions and comments – This is a fascinating collection of eyewitness accounts and comments about the fire, taken from : Charles Ginenthal 1990 “Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky” Ivy Press Books, New York 359pp (Amazon shows 1995 paperback). This brings out the importance of [observations, experience] of [observers, workers] like Caroline5765, as standard reports often leave out important clues, even if it takes work to [analyse,sort through] them.
        Ben Davidson has often referred to electrical grid blowouts and fires being associated with ?geomagnetic storms?. The Serbian authors suggest electron flows as a possible cause, which makes sense (eg lightning), but they are careful to note that they do not have strong statistics supporting that theme. It’s strange that they don’t make any comments about very high energy [proton,helium, etc] flows.

  • Bill Howell

    Caroline5765 – oops, I dropped the colon, so the URL should be “http://www.BillHowell.ca/Pandemics, health, and the Sun/Hoyte & Schatten year – solar influence on climate & natural systems, graphs.pdf”

  • 3xtr8

    Excellent points, Ben! I found it perfectly appropriate that your Placebo slide was green which is the color associate with the heart chakra. Especially since the heart is a greater electrical generator than the brain. Further, entrainment of the heart can synchronize autonomic nervous system, respiration, heart rate, and brainwave functions AND generate higher frequency and power spectral density. I can’t recommend the InnerBalance biofeedback sensor & app for helping build personal resilience and especially help cope on stressful space weather days. It’s been a game changer for me — helps me navigate & ride out the storm no matter how rough the heliosurf or cosmic surf gets. Should be readily apparaent to seasoned 0bservers how beneficial this information & tools can be if consistently applied in practice. Fom their site: “HeartMath products, tools and techniques are based on over 25 years of scientific research conducted at the HeartMath Institute on the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the interactions between the heart and brain. There are over 300 peer-reviewed or independent studies utilizing HeartMath techniques or technologies to achieve beneficial outcomes that have been published.” https://www.heartmath.com/science/

  • John Mallary

    This may sound weird but…
    My gf is unique.
    She suffered catastrophic brain damage at age three. Her dad used her for his PhD thesis thesis. He retrained her brain to function, using undsmaged regions.
    She had to relearn speech, motor skills, etc.
    Her dad, brilliant but crazy as a loon, was successful. She has some fascinating and unique qualities.

    For example, he used the part of her brain that but perceives color to restore her cognitive abilities. Consequently, she can visualize thought extremely clearly.

    In her early 20s she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Scheduled for two weeks later, she was to have surgery.

    She secluded herself and spent hours visualizing PacMan, moving back and forth inside her and eating the cancer, moving back and forth like a lawn mower.
    She put onion sliced inside her socks as she slept. In the mornings they were black and actually cooked from her body expelling toxins.

    When she went in, two weeks later…and you should know me well enough by now to know this is no shit!…

    She was cancer free.
    Her body consumed and expelled it, through the power of her mind.

    She’s done it her whole life. Shortly after that, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and given three months to live. Debilitated and condemned, she turned to her bucket list and prepared to die.

    While travelling thru Northern Utah, she saw an unparalleled lightning storm and her symptoms got bad.
    The only medical help around was an old country doctor who was adamant that she didn’t have Parkinson’s. She had Graves and her thyroid was extremely hyperactive.

    That turned out to actually be Graves disease. She had to irradiate her thyroid and basically kill it. Her bodies ability to overcome it was hampered by its advanced state…She’s been trying to regrow it by visualizing that.

    Recently, doctors at Kaiser found that her thyroid was regenerating itself and now is about 30% functional.

    She has borne and raised 7 children with that autoimmune disease raging. That, her doctors say, was impossible!

    So make no mistake. The placebo effect is not hocus pocus. It is mind over matter. It is exactly what Ben says.

    Your minds ability to override the physics of your body for either positive or negative effect.

    Did you know that some dedicated Buddhist monks actually perform self mummification when nearing the end of their lives?…While still alive.
    There are statues, discovered to be human remains. Crazy but from what I’ve read and images…?

    Check this out. Type:

    “buddhist monk self mummification”

    into your browser. You’ll be disturbingly amazed!

    Stay positive!

    • SpiritualGangsta

      Wow! Absolutely incredible read. This girl needs a book and a movie. Asap. I’m intrigued.

  • Michael Durfee

    I suppose there is an undertone of coincidence when considering the connection between energetic space weather events or fluctuations between calm and active events in our system to adverse health conditions. I am a pretty quiet and reserved individual however I feel that I should voice my story and opinion regarding this topic. Both my biological grandfathers on my mother’s and father’s side died from heart attacks before they were 50 years of age. My grandfather on my mom’s side was standing as the first base coach at a baseball game in Washington State in perfect health and dropped dead right there on the field. It was later determined to be a heart attack (don’t know any specifics). History has documented well what happened later on that day on July 13th, 1977 when a massive electrical storm rolled through New York City which took out much of their electrical grid. My grandfather on my father’s side suffered a heart attack and died in Los Angeles on September 20, 1957. I have tried to look at the archives regarding solar storms during this period however I have only been able to find one source claiming multiple events during the month of September of 1957. There were also multiple detonations of high yield thermonuclear bombs (Operation Plumbbob) relatively close by in Nevada leading up to his death. Sometimes compared to the magnitude of energy release that takes place on the sun. Both my parents barely got to know their fathers and I never got to speak one word to either of them. So when considering the connection between energetic space weather events and human health, I would say that there is a connection.

  • spiralup

    Was going to put this in the comment for Dunnings presentation but changed onto this page accidentally. ‘How much of an effect does meditation have on our own magnetic field? Can it help with reducing damage, even if it’s a small effect? Been thinking about this for years, I hope this isn’t a far out idea’.
    After watching this it doesn’t sound so far out. Changing my question.
    How much does meditation help protect us during space weather events?
    Be great to hear more thoughts on this.
    Whenever thinking about this I attempt to imagine atoms and molecules vibrating in such a way that they avoid cosmic rays.
    My uncle told me years ago about someone else who visualised Pac Man chomping which resulted in their brain cancer going away. The power of the mind is truly astounding.

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