February 2, 2019

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  • flutemaker

    In the “olden days” when climate was cold (new years eve 1997 in W.Va way back in the woods), we would heat dark basaltic rocks until red hot and bring them into the lodge. Occasionally, someone would find a chunk of meteorite (an oysterman on the Chesapeake had one he had tonged up a large as a softball that weighted 20lbs.) and when heated, glowed red and produced heat all night. Like coal except it could be reheated. Some of the secrets to survival. No need to sweat unless a purification was needed. Simply, enough heated rocks brought into an insulated space to keep a constant temp. No smoke. No gases. It isn’t rocket science. Heat circulating in a torus. Getting a red hot stone into a lodge with a couple of sticks without dropping them onto an Elder, that required rock-et(iquette) science. Heating the rocks with as little wood fuel as possible is another practice which requires practice. (curious words, eh?)

    • kplusu

      Fact. I feel so many have just lost touch.

  • Fire302

    Thanks Ben

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