February 17, 2020

Article, in case you missed it: https://drexel.edu/now/archive/2020/February/cold-plasma-PFAS-water-treatment/

Walls, clothes, beds, appliances, roofing, wiring, piping, dams, facilities, infrastructure… hard to see a limit.

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  • Mrs. Altmann

    B”H the thing about hair standing on end,, it is nothing new to me, and did not even require lightning … was on a CMC climb in about 1975, of a peak above timberline, and the daily electric storm came along …. the leader was the last one to get off the mountain, practicing the well=known, safety-vital role of rear=leadering, we were starting down as soon as we saw the clouds quickly gathering, and descent required boulder-and scree hopping, and he had curly black hair, tight, not a ‘fro, and his hair was literally uncurled and standing on end (have seen this in my mind’s eye for years) and the lightning had not even yet begun but the air was full of charge, one could feel it… that was long before our magnetosphere noticeable-plunge had begun….it’s why they warned that one who goes glacier-climbing of a day, needs to be very careful to get off the mountain early because the ice axe will make him into a human lightning rod, and backpackers on overnight trips who have a frame on their backpack, depending on which metal it is made of, have to be very careful to be down below timberline well before storm-time… i guess if you ramp that up many times it does look very scary like, disintegration time for our synthetic world, but that article, fro someone who knows what it’s like to be above timberline when an electric storm is coming in, is not news.. maybe news for those who just go armchair climbing by watching National Geographic movies…

  • Lltvajaz8

    Thank you for your experience. Something i didn’t know. Not scary at all. Knowledge is safety too.

  • Janice Phillips

    I started saying no no no no no omg
    This has give me the first potential answer to many more questions yet again.
    Holy smokes dude.
    Thank you.

  • Katjie.2

    Interesting. Some things I don’t need to try. Dodging storms at altitude is one of them.

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