December 29, 2019

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  • VisitingProf

    Hello Folks,
    The People who inhabited of the areas of modern day Southern Mexico – including areas of the Yucatan Peninsula and also Portions of Guatemala and Belize in the early 1500’s (AD) when Spaniards arrived were known as the Aztecs. Prior to the Aztecs there were a few different tribes or Nations some of which included the Zapotecs, the Teotihuacans, the Toltecs and before them the Mayans. Before the Mayans, there were people who lived there who have been named the “Olmecs.” (More about the Olmec peoples is included below.) This list is not altogether exhaustively complete, yet the point I am making is that humans lived there – according to their records – for thousands of years before Cortez and company arrived. For untold numbers of centuries, certain individuals were selected at very young ages to become taught to be “DayKeepers.”

    The DayKeepers were taught to keep track of what they referred to as “The Long Count.” They did so using their own bodies – in the following manner. Ordinarily, we each have a total of twenty fingers and toes. Each of the twenty represented a ‘Tribe”of peoples. If we consider the neck as one large compound ‘articulation’ (or joint,) then counting two ankles, two knees, two hips plus two wrists, two elbows, and two shoulders this adds up to Thirteen Major Articulations of the Human Skeleton. Each of these major articulations represents a ‘Tone.” OK, next, twenty times thirteen equals 260 … . 260 times 100 equals 26,000. Now, sit up straight, scientists – our local sun, ‘Sol’ moves from “alignment” with the Milky Way’s “Galactic Equator” ‘upwards’ to its ‘Northernmost’ extent, and then ‘downwards’ to its ‘Southernmost’ extent – according to astronomers – and then back ‘upwards’ again into “alignment” with the Milky Way’s “Equator” over the course of 12,960 times 2 or 25,920 Earth years! Undeniably, 26,000 minus 25,920 equals 80. Apparently, for ‘comparatively’ primitive Tribes of peoples who did not have Telescopes and as bast as we know did not have the ‘Abacus’ to keep track of very large numbers, managed to keep a reckoning of scales of time which extended across many, many generations of humans. (Notably, our planet Earth’s equator, our local satellite, the moon, and Sol our most nearby star all aligned with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy on 21 December 2012.) So, the time frame of the movement of our Solar System from equatorial alignment ‘upwards’ then back ‘downwards’ and then back to ‘alignment’ is what the Mayans and subsequent peoples referred to as “The Long Count.” To keep a reckoning of time to that close of a margin was, and is an astonishing feat! Margin of error: 80 years divided by 26,000 years equals 0.00307692, or less than 3.1 ten thousandths of a percentage point. WOW!

    How about that? Next, I wish to re-share with all of you one additional point of confusion which has repeatedly crept into the many conversations and presentations of these histories and appears to be present herein as well. Again, we are talking about ancient, even pre-historic reckonings of Time versus our more “so-called” modern reckoning of Time, ie “calendars.” In the ‘Western World” our current Calendar is known as the “Gregorian Calendar,” named after one of the Popes called “Gregory.” Whether he was Gregory the Second or Gregory the First, or some other number I do not precisely recall at this instant. (Although I am not, and was not raised Catholic, I think he was Pope Gregory II – The Second.) During his reign the “Grergorian Calendar” replaced the “Julian Calendar.”
    Pope Gregory’s Calendar has been labelled the 12/365 calendar indicating twelve months (moons) and 365 days. Because our actual astronomical year is slightly less than one fourth of a day longer than 365 days, we also have Leap years during which we add a 29 th day to the month of February. Herein, I do not yet consider the apparent fact that our movements are slowing down, ever so slightly.

    Continuing this discussion of Calendars next I return to the Ancient Mayan Calendar. The Mayan people kept a calendar of 13 Moons (or months) which each included 28 Days, plus one “Day Out of Time” for a total of 365 days. Their basic ‘Solar’ calendar of 365 days was one of several interacting or inter-locking reckonings of Time. In order to reconcile this basic 365 day ‘solar ‘calendar to the actual length of a year, they also added a “Jubilee” period once every 52 years. There is a great deal more information within this topic, however my purpose is to introduce ‘interested’ readers to this information. What you have read thus far comes entirely from my memory and may well be refined by certain details. At the moment, my nearly 25+ year old reference books have found some hiding spots among dozens of other books. I suggest that persons who are hungry for more understanding consider looking at online posts of Santos Bonacci or Randall Carlson. Also, please go and get actual books from bookstores or borrow them from libraries. Books are very well researched plus they do not suffer from the ‘alphabet scoop’ edits provided for “one whirlled odours” societal control drama paradigms. Those ‘edits’ might not be truly in readers’ best interests.

    Now, as promised above, about the “Olmec” peoples: Within the past 2 to 3 months I was delighted to see that Ben had included a short bit about one of their Giant carved Stone Statues which had recently been un-earthed and reported upon during an SO ‘s Morning update, probably during the final week of October, 2019. Ben reported that the statue was found to have one magnetic focal area at its Naval area and the other magnetic focal point at its right Temple. A fantastic data bit for myself because given the appropriate background base of knowledge, those statues could be therapeutic or might possibly be considered “Healers!” Hooray to you Ben for selecting that article for that morning’s SO update.

    Finally. a quote to share with all who have continued reading this far:

    “In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.”

    From: Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind,
    Informal talks on Zen meditation and practice
    by Shunryu Suzuki

    Thank you for investing your precious time to read this comment – A Visiting Professor

  • Uncleharley

    Thanks Shunryu, Very interesting!

  • Brelin261

    A recent comparative study of night sky photographs from 100 years ago to today has revealed that possibly thousands of stars are “missing”! Of the thousands of possible missing stars, a couple hundred have been confirmed as indeed missing. They have not exploded in Super Novae as there is no remnant dust shell. They haven’t collapsed into black holes as there is no apparent gravitational lensing.

    My theory is that the Birkalend currents that powered these so called “missing” stars has been disrupted or otherwise stopped flowing through them causing them to simply vanish from the night sky without a trace. How I wish that we could prove the heavens with a giant ammeter to confirm!

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