December 29, 2016

Deeper Look – Episode 98

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    Testing out DL comment section.

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    testing. testing. very excited for a comments section.

    if there isn’t a similar phenomenon happening in the south, we could be in trouble no?

  • John Mallary

    The ESA interpretation of SWARM data is assumptive and borne from the molten core theory of a closed system.
    The dynamics of our core dynamo both fuels and dictates earths magnetic fields, completely discounting energy from the sun which, is right there, in front of our noses.

    While accepting the possibility of a molten core being part of the process of energy exchange between earth and sun provides an explanation for our poles migrating, there must be an alternative that does so using external processes and a gravitational exclusion zone at the core that includes a void and the energy coming in and flowing out at poles and equator.

    If the molten core is real and it dictates our magnetic fields? Variances in solar output doing do through our magnetosphere, does not.

    We can’t have it both ways and having two sides to understanding, doesn’t necessarily mean the answer lies in the middle although at times, it does.

    It’s possible molten material beneath the crust and lithosphere plays a part. There’s certainly magma underground. I simply feel that the earths rotation would include such material at its core. That material would rotate with its container, not move independently, in other directions and generate the electricity necessary for our planets poles and shield.

    Although I agree that GSMs don’t trigger pole shifts… Something does. I suspect underground salt water and electricity flowing can influence each other. As water moves, so do the current flows and the non stationary magnetic fields of earth that only flows of electricity can generate.

    I still come down on a crystalline void at the center with pockets of molten material distributed around the globe, from the surface, down to below the lithosphere. These interact with all the different avenues of charge flows, giving us our seismic, volcanic and magnetic behavior and activity.

    It’s very cool to be able to comment.

  • Neferkheperure

    Lovely to have a comments section.

  • Kimberly Cook

    Could this effect gravity? I’m very interested in space travel and specifically the advent of artificial gravity. As we don’t know exactly what gravity is, I’m wondering if the magnetic fields might have something to do with SOME (not all) of the gravity of the planets and why there’s so much more. I’m just starting my studying so please don’t be too technical or harsh. I’m just a beginner. 🙂

    Thanks for the episode of Deeper Look, Ben. And very awesome to have a comment section as well. A very fun new feature!

    • Byrdman

      It is good to think about these things as you have. This is a path to discovery and learning. The way I see it in terms of classical physics, the gravitational force is independent of magnetism. The gravitational force is proportional to the product of the mass of objects, and the center of mass of each object must be considered. It is also inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two centers of mass. Rotation introduces a different force into the separation of components, the centripetal force. Other forces of course are the electric and magnetic forces. While all of these forces interact and contribute to the resultant sum, they are most easily diagnosed independently. So gravitational and magnetic are independent components. Oh yes and in the interior of the earth and in the atmosphere we must not forget friction. Fun stuff! Add them all up and model them. Thank you for your comments.

      • Kimberly Cook

        Wow, that’s a lot to think about. Thanks for the reply! I’m not sure how to model them but I will give it a good try. 🙂 I would love to see people on other planets one day and this is my first step. I’m not incredibly smart on technical stuff but I can organize people pretty well. lol But I need to do more research obviously. The forces I’ve never really delved into so thanks for bringing them up. Back to the books! Thanks again!

  • SPS

    Thanks for adding a comment section Ben. 🙂

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