December 20, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 97 (2018)

This episode is not my video, but one from the AGU. This was the big tornado story this past week – they form from the ground up. While you watch this presentation I want you to remember some key items:

– The global electric circuit pours energy into the ground and lower atmosphere during sunny days.
– The ground energy is stored in place until stirred by strong cloud electrostatic activity.
– Much of the energy is coming right from the ground, and this is known to be how dust devils form, albeit from the standard fluid dynamics perspective- rather than an electrical one.

…you will just have to judge for yourself, and we’ll all eagerly await their next findings.

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  • laurie

    Has anyone contacted this speaker about the possibility of electrical potential (X-point, polarimetric radar?) that might be in play in the formation of these tornados? In addition, she talks about the “contamination” from objects on the ground…could that be in part “electrical contamination”?
    Furthermore, she speaks about how very fast the storm formed, so fast that the radar missed a portion of the formation of the storm…could that potentially be indicative of an electrical circuit formation (no pun intended) that the scanning equipment wasn’t fast enough to pick up?
    Seems she would be open to discussing her ideas in more depth….just a thought.

  • Phurf aka Mike

    Well, when we see a funnel in water its usually at the top of the water because of the cyclone at the drain in the sink, so tornadoes probably work the same way.

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