August 9, 2019


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  • Peacefrog

    Illuminating – ancient megalithic and caves are haunting reminders of this?

  • Neferkheperure

    The solar system and earth could be in for a rough ride, with the increased brightness coinciding with grand solar minimum.

    • Neferkheperure

      And a weakening shield.

      • davidwebster

        A Rough ride eh? We will need to seek a new place to reside until this is over my friend. I seriously doubt living deep underground will fully protect anyone. Some technology I believe would be needed to fully protect oneself when the planet is hit with the mini nova event.

        Kind of an understatement your making it my point!

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for this upload. Just seems many things in space may become more visible as we pay closer attention and things change out there.

  • Billy Rogers

    Looking foward to the extended deeper look tomorrow Lord willing and to the YTibers like myself an early home20 release might drive more paying traffic Thanks for all the hard work Yall

  • laurie

    All very interesting,! Thank you for all the efforts and energy you have put into elucidating Earthly disasters likely to occur in the relatively ‘near’ future.

    For me, this event stands as a constant reminder that all of my worldly preparedness wont help me live another day longer, if it s occurs in my lifetime. I don’t have a Faraday cage underground to hide in, nor can I afford to purchase, or move to an underground bunker. Then I consider what chance of survival there really would be after such terrestrial devastation. No matter how protected I could be, or developed my independent living skills are, will my expensive water filters actually work? No clean water means no life.

    The point????

    Real, as it appears to be, or symbolically, we are not facing a NEW challenge put to the people of the Earth.

    Looking back in history, we read, from a myriad of alternative perspectives, in a myriad of different formulations, this same message to ensure survival, echoing from the walls of time, for millennia. Ancient esoteric philosophy has trumpeted this point, over and over, for time immemorial.

    Be grateful for today, be good to others, work on inner/spiritual growth, in preparation for the unthinkable hardships of passing into a new, unknown way of life.

    I sometimes wonder about the allegory that this recurrent catastrophe presents to those who can see… found throughout all cultures, worldwide, extending into extreme antiquity:
    to know ourselves as spiritual beings, to work on growing in that knowledge, to share these journeys/insights among ourselves, with whomever will listen,
    and that these intimate connections will bring about the “survival” we seek. (As above, so below?)

    Earth catastrophe or not, we are all going pass from this life, requiring us to let go of our understandably precious attachments. It will be no easy endeavor,
    for anyone.

    On the contrary, perhaps I am just making excuses because facing this inevitable catastrophic event is too overwhelming to wrap my head around. It may be so.

    Time is precious little, and ready or not, (read death, too) life WILL present us with catastrophic events (recurrently, too?). How we prepare for them (or for our death) is up to us.

  • Anomalous Howard

    I suppose there would be a very small time lag between detecting infrared and juiced up cosmic rays?
    Do detectors/sensors used today register in those ranges or will it “freak them out”?

  • brispence

    So my question would be how far behind the light would the magnetic wave be? could the flash be a sign we could use to determine the day month or year the energy wave strikes and flips our magnetic poles?

    • EClay

      This group could really use some volunteer mathematicians. So many questions to run through. For example, it would be great if someone would gather the data on the Earth’s weakening magnetic shield, and could use calculus (I think that’s the one) to give us relatively accurate timeline on its future decline.

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